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Day 2 : Hong Kong Disneyland with Kids

Being a child again ! Back to the memory of childhood
We are finally here in Hong Kong Disneyland 

And this time we brought our precious here. Grace was simply in her tip top enjoyment frm the start till the end.. 
She started with loads of rides and one of the rides is at the Cinderella corner where she loves the ride with the horse. I remember she said  "The Cinderella ride"

And she met her beloved "Tinkle Bell" which was one of her favourite character. She is in love with her and kept talking to her non stop. We finally have her to take some pictures with her idol . 

Excitement comes more when she have loads of fun in the parks and the parade with Mickey and Minnie there. And the overall experience were great. 

All of us have great fun but it is indeed a tired day