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From Iphone to Huawei

Being a die hard fans of iPhone, I finally say Bye Bye to IPhone! And I had changed to Huawei finally.

It has been a dilemma since the P9 launch, i had purchase my IPhone 6S and i never changed till i bought for my husband Huawei P9. It is always a dilema to change as I had been with iphone since iPhone4. Everything is good as so there is no PLAN to change a phone of course!

But everything started when i found that my iPhone 6S camera quality comparable to another friend is not really good. I started not taking any pictures with my phones and always using a camera to sync the photo over.

After a while, i am getting tired sync all the photos over and I decided to change when the Huawei p10 had arrived. Many asked me if I can adapt with an Android Phone where I am a iphone user all this while. This is my question to myself too.

The interface had not much different compare to iPhone
True enough. Maybe many of us compare to Samsung ( ANDROID) too  but Samsung is complicated comparable to Huawei I can say. They have many of their own build in web where Huawei did not have. So, is simple to use and it's interface is clean and easy

Photo Quality
Of course Photo quality with their Leica Re-engineered lens did not disappoint me. I do not need to take my camera out for events and some reviews. It is my AIO one where they are completely good to me.

I had my phone dropped on the week after i bought my phone. And many phone company would not be covering for your screen and you will definite to pay at least hundreds to get it repaired. Yes I get it fix with zero - cost and they give me with a 3 months screen warranty.

Additional SIM Card Space
Love the function where they can convert your second SIM Card to either additional memory card. Love this. Never afraid not enough space to store my pictures, and videos.

And being a Huawei p10 user, i could say i had no regret