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Head Back-To-School with the Antabax Sanitizing Kit

The beginning of a new school term is just around the corner with students excited to meet their peers again, but with parents worried about the coughs, colds and other communicable diseases that are common among children.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 80 percent of all infections are transmitted by hands. Thus keeping hands clean can help to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

For ease-of-mind, prepare kids with an Antabax Back-to-School Sanitizing Kit. It comprises a terrific trio of pocket-sized Antabax Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes, Instant Hand Sanitizer and Hand Sanitizer Spray, which will fit well in your child’s back-pack.

With good hand hygiene the risk of contracting communicable diseases such as influenza, food poisoning and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD), among students and their families can be reduced.

Back-To-School with Antabax Sanitizing Kit

Antabax is a proudly Malaysian personal care brand that is recognized for its 24-hours antibacterial protection.  It was named the fastest growing Malaysian brand in the antibacterial personal care category[2] and all of its products are certified Halal, giving Muslims full confidence in using it.

The brand’s Back-To-School campaign aim to encourage parents to be more prepared when facing daily challenges of keeping their children clean and hygienic especially when they are in their classroom.

The Antabax sanitizing range provides around-the-clock protection and kills up to 99.9% of harmful germs. Formulated with skin vitamins and Aloe Vera to keep skin healthy and moisturized, its Derma Protect System contains Micro Moisture Serum to leave hands soft, smooth and healthy. Dermatologically tested to be gentle on the most delicate skin, the range is suitable for daily use.

But it does not stop there. Everyone of all ages can benefit greatly from the Antabax sanitizing range. From your little ones, your whole family and even your officemates! The Antabax sanitizing trio will fit well in your handbags, baby bags, pouches, first aid kits and cars. The Antabax Gel Sanitizer also comes in a family-sized 750ml for your whole household and the entire office.

So, whether it is your toddler playing with their schoolmates in the playground, you braving public restroom or public transportation, the Antabax sanitizing range has got you and your family covered.

According to Ms. Mandy Lee, Senior Product Manager, Household and Personal Care Department in Marketing Division, maintaining good health is closely linked to practicing good personal hygiene. Simple and quick hygiene practises can make a big difference in reducing the risk of communicable illnesses not only in the classroom but also in the families’ personal household and between office cubicles, especially those that are spread by unclean hands.

“With the Antabax Back-To-School campaign we would like to highlight the importance of preparing our children for they are more prone to communicable illness as they interact with their peers in close proximity. We need to teach them how to properly sanitize their hands as dirty hands are a common way for communicable illness to spread. The pocket-sized Antabax sanitizing kit, will reduce their risk of contracting communicable diseases when used properly to keep hands clean.”

“Malaysians are now more likely to be involved in active lifestyles including outdoor sports, commuting, shopping, traveling and working out at gyms. As we interact with other people, we also interact with the potential germs or communicable illness that they may have or that they may be inadvertently spreading. It is important to be prepared and to make it a habit to practice simple germ-busting, and good hygiene, to reduce the risk of contracting communicable illness, and simply keeping clean for peace of mind,” said Ms. Lee.

Antabax’s sanitizing range is available in leading pharmacies and retailers nationwide including Watsons, AEON, AEON Big and many more.