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Wildlife Heroes Chief Revealed!

The 10 young and passionate Wildlife Heroes have gathered once again to fulfil their wildlife preservation duty. This time, Anna Huggel, 12, has been appointed Chief to lead the junior heroes in completing their assigned tasks by Sunway Theme Parks. 

Since their first gathering at Sunway Lost World Of Tambun (LWOT) back in August, the Wildlife Heroes have learnt several skills from camping outdoors to pitching tents, water safety and confidence workshop, building a raft, and embarking on a night trekking exploration at the mysterious and historic Gua Datuk. They were also tasked to pick an animal and create an enrichment plan for the chosen animal, which will be shared at the 3rd and 4th Council meetings.
Back together again for the 2nd Council meeting, the Wildlife Heroes spent three days learning about the behaviour, diet, and species of the various animals found in Sunway Lagoon’s Wildlife Park ranging from birds, fishes, reptiles and mammals. Additionally, the Wildlife Heroes were given a chance to briefly experience the life as zookeepers in Sunway Lagoon, including methods to care and grow plants through a planting project.
For one year, the Wildlife Heroes will get to experience and learn many facets of wildlife conservation, while suggesting ways to help Sunway Theme Parks further improve the Petting Zoo and Wildlife Park. Following each meeting, they will also earn a patch to be attached onto their uniform.
“We are pleased to have the junior Wildlife Heroes back with us again, this time in Sunway Lagoon. Here, they got to see how the urbanites interact with nature and learn appreciate our flora and fauna amidst the concrete jungle. Today, we also decided to crown the Chief. The decision for the Chief was not an easy task as every Wildlife Hero showed enthusiasm and lots of passion for nature and wildlife. However, from the last assignment and performance, we saw a great deal of leadership skills and knowledge from Anna, hence the decision to make her Chief. We believe she possesses the right qualities to lead this group of young Wildlife Heroes moving forward,” said Calvin Ho, Senior General Manager of Sunway Theme Parks.
At a tender age of 5, Anna was exposed to the process of incubating chicken eggs which sparked her curiosity and passion in wildlife preservation. Anna, who refers Jane Goodall as her conservation hero, aspires to raise awareness and educate people about wildlife preservation by volunteering in different organisations and giving talks to students from schools.
The 2nd Council meeting brings the Wildlife Heroes closer to the conclusion of the year-long learning programme where the Wildlife Heroes will each be rewarded RM 8,000 while the Chief will be receiving an additional incentive of RM 4,000 at the end of the one-year programme. 
Sunway Theme Parks proudly consists of both Sunway Lost World Of Tambun (LWOT) and Sunway Lagoon. The very core for the theme parks is all about wanting to create and nurture natural wonders through LWOT’s Petting Zoo and Sunway Lagoon’s Wildlife Park.
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