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How You Prepare Chinese New Year?

How would you celebrate your Chinese New Year. Since, I am from Penang, going back to in-laws house and my parents home in Penang is our yearly routine.  And this year, times fast too fast and I really forgotten when is Chinese New Year as I thought is another few months. Last 3 days, I just realised Chinese New Year is a week away.

Well, what I always need to is  to prepared all the hampers and goods for home as well as for the family. We grab some hampers from the Chinese Shops and even in the market or shopping mall.  Taking care of the kids, cleaning up the home as well as preparing their new cloths is another few things in my list.

Preparing for Chinese New Year gets more tiring this year as I am having to move to another condominium nearby and we are planning for the renovation and also getting the quotation and more from every where. Things get not just better and I often lack of sleep.

Last but not least, I do bake every year and baking few types of cookies and cakes would also be my yearly routine as well. But I know at times I lack of sleep and get sick easily. Nothing beats PanadolActifast as I can recover as fast as i can to keep my self in track

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