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The Athlea’s Bare Essential: Your Skin Best Friend

Being a working mum and taking care of a daughter, there are times that I don’t have time to look and take care of my ownself. The hectic schedule had effortlessly making me so tired and after a long day, sometimes I ended up doing my mask only once a month.  Thanks to the Athlea’s Bare Essential which is my skin survivor. Althea’s strips down to their new range of facial products which focuses on the skincare fundamental and drops all the non- essential. Now you just need 3 steps to get  your face clean and silky. And this range is suitable for all skin type.

What is the 3 types of products?  This includes the
❤️️The Contour Cleanser (150g) : RM 23
❤️️The Prime Water ( 200 ml) : RM 43
❤️️The Fixer Cream (50g) : RM 50
The whole set comes at the price at RM 116 and Althea is giving additional 10% discount and a special edition mirror.

The Contour Cleanser 150g  (RM 23) Korean Skincare Routine
The Bare Essentials Contour Cleanser is just beautifully packed  and they believe to to promote blood circulation to reduce swelling and bloating for a slimmer and well-defined face. It has ice plant for soothing and lemon myrtle extract for detoxifying. It is also filled with micro capsules that are meant to burst upon contact with skin to exfoliate and detoxify and  provide gentle cleansing. Love the smell of it as well.

The Prime Water ( 200 ml) : RM 43
It seals well and  this hydrating toner/ prime water contains that something called “Clear Dewdrops” that soften the skin by gently filling the gaps between pores and the skin. Primer Water claims that it will give a smooth, silky finish and enhances the skin’s natural glow. Made from Snow lotus and the Patented dewdrop technology.

The Fixer Cream (50g) (RM 50.00) 
The cream is just so perfect for my skin. Not oily and the absorption is fast too. Thanks to an ingredient derived from the cactus plant called Trehalose. This wonder ingredient provides the skin with 24-hour hydration while preventing moisture loss. Aside from this ingredient, this cream also features antioxidants from green tea

Go to today to get yours.
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