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honor Malaysia today unveiled the latest addition to its ever-evolving flagship devices, the honor 10, a handset delivering Semantic Image Segmentation technology, an industry first. With no two handsets that are manufactured alike, the brand’s first notched display phone in an unrivalled exquisite aurora glass meets metal design, not only comes in a stunning combination of colours, but delivers high-end performance at an extremely competitive price point of RM1,699.

“We are so excited to be able to launch our latest flagship, the honor 10 in Malaysia, just a week after the global launch. Malaysia, being one of the first international market that the company set foot in, has always been supportive of us, and we remain as committed to our fans from day one. The 15 layers of ever-changing colour craftsmanship which required high levels of precision and delicacy, resulting in the stunning aurora of the honor 10 represents our ever-evolving efforts in matching the local fans’ taste and lifestyle without compromise on aesthetic design, engineering and performance,” said Zhao Zhiwei, Head of honor Malaysia.

Zhao further added, “Our focus of providing a world of possibilities and excitement to our fans is further represented by the honor 10’s glass body design. Representing the brand’s best design capability in respect of aesthetic technology, the handset reflects light in such a way that it is up to the user’s interpretation of the device’s shade of colour. We at honor Malaysia want to inspire and motivate our fans to see and enjoy the world with their own interpretations and without limits.”

Vibrant and powerful A.I. performance
Featuring a 5.84” bezel-less FullView 2.0 Display, the honor 10 packs a vibrant and powerful A.I. performance with:
The latest HiSilicon Kirin 970 chipset which carries an independently built-in NPU processor for added AI functional blocks
A 19:9 bezel-less and True Colour display with a colour gamut as wide as NTSC 96%, creativity
The new EMUI 8.1, the first deep customization system based on the Android 8.1 which brings artificial intelligence-based capabilities to make software experience smarter and quicker due to machine learning algorithms

Beauty in A.I. photography
Understanding its fans and the importance placed on photographs, especially amongst digital natives, the features of the honor 10 were specifically engineered and designed for photography enthusiasts. While phones have yet to make a splash in the professional photography space, the honor 10 intends to change this perception with its 24MP + 16MP dual-lens AI assisted cameras.
Utilising the industry-first Semantic Image Segmentation technology, honor 10’s rear camera allows you to take apart different layers from an image and is able to identify multiple objects in one single image, making every photo taken a professional-looking one with just one click
The advanced and precise face recognition of the honor 10 ensures an accurate bokeh, which gives precision and detail to everyone’s faces in a group photo taken by the 24MP front camera, making group-fies (group selfies) instead of “a selfie with a group in a blurry background” entirely possible

Convergence of art, vibrancy and modernity into an avant-garde design
Taking a leaf out of the Murano glassmakers’ book, the designers of honor 10 combined their love for aesthetics with a passion for engineering, where the glass curves on all sides blend seamlessly with the metal frame surrounding the device’s edges. The stunning aurora glass design was inspired by the contemporary use of aerial net sculptures, made of layers upon layers to create 180° infinite tangent plane in which every single degree is coloured, for the ever-changing effect of the aurora sheen.

High-level security guaranteed
Being one of the rare handsets that employ an Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the glass on the front of the phone in Malaysia, the honor 10 provides stable unlocking experience despite the user’s hands being wet and greasy and also reduces the occurrence of accidental unlocking. honor has also carved a virtual home button, enabling consumers to easily find the detection area whilst also removing the need for a physical panel for a more elegant design. The face unlock feature is also available on the honor 10.

Power house on boost
Packed into this sleek design is a 3,400 mAh battery, which is more than sufficient for its users to be on the go for more than one (1) full day. Thanks to the honor Super Charge feature that supports this handset, users are able to regain at least half power within just 25 minutes of charging.

Launch of honor 10
The launch of the honor 10 saw honor Malaysia collaborating with Mah Sing Group, another name well-known for its recent trendsetting art and technology light feature installations, to showcase the culmination of honor’s efforts in converging art, vibrancy and modernity in an aesthetic design that mesmerizes.

“Mobile phones are becoming more and more of an extension of our lives, and the honor 10 was designed to give our fans a smartphone that exudes a glamourous premium feel whilst at the same time expressing the fierce individuality of each user. Launching this powerful and aesthetically vibrant handset that won’t break the bank is our way of showing our core belief of creating premium products that blur the line between affordable smartphones and premium devices, and making them as accessible to our consumers as possible,” commented Zhao.

Special offer for Malaysians
Exuding a glamourous premium feel, the honor 10 will be made available in the Malaysia market beginning 24 May 2018 (while pre-orders have already commenced) in the colour variants of Phantom Blue, Glacier Grey and Midnight Black.

From 24 to 31 May 2018, Malaysians can enjoy a special reduced price for the honor 10, across both its online and retail stores nationwide. Online purchases for the phone will receive a RM100 instant voucher, while purchases done at the retail stores enjoy instant cashback of the same value, marking down the price of the phone to RM1,599 during this promotional period.

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