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HIJUP UK debuts at London Eid Festival 2018

HIJUP UK made its debut in London’s modest fashion scene at the London Eid Festival held recently. The fast fashion and lifestyle brand rocked the runway with its latest collection by top Indonesian designers Dian Pelangi, Vivi Zubedi, Jenahara and Ria Miranda while giving fashionistas a close up experience with its line of clothings and scarves at its mobile stores set up on site.

HIJUP’s participation in the year’s biggest international modest fashion showcase which saw designers from across the globe feature their latest collection coincided with the official launch of its online store this month.

Along with its own brands handpicked from popular designers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, UAE, USA and the UK, HIJUP UK will also be retailing the hugely popular and versatile Aidijuma™ hijabs as well as luxury modest fashion labels carried by Haute Elan.

HIJUP UK is owned by HIJUP, the world’s first Islamic fashion e-commerce and modest fashion brand, and Aidijuma™ Colors Group of Companies from Malaysia.

In addition to online shopping, HIJUP UK will also soon see the launch of its first brick and mortar concept store as well as a fleet of mobile stores in London to make modest fashion even more accessible to women. Adopting the creative business model of Online to Offline (#O2O), HIJUP’s e-commerce will be complemented with personal retail experience in both concept and mobile stores to provide a seamless experience for consumers wherever they are.

"HIJUP UK will be the first modest retail group to create retail revolution through the online merging offline platform which also includes the breakthrough concept of having a mobile store to complement the consumer shopping experience. We have a clear vision and that is to bring fashionable modest wear to women wherever they are, through multiple retail platforms and at competitive prices,” said Norjuma Habib Mohamed, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aidijuma™ Colors Group, which holds the majority stake in HIJUP UK.

“There is a growing market for modest wear and what we are doing is making it even more accesible and mainstream in more and more markets to cater for the needs of women while developing the brand,” added Norjuma.

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