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A lot of us were probably forced to be a little creative with our meals and mix it up back in our  university days - not because we wanted to, but because we had to, with the limited stuff in our kitchen and a tight budget.

But as we grow older, our experiments with food become more voluntary and the results can either be disastrous or extra delish! Here are some unexpected combinations of food that would seem a bit odd when put together, but actually work out pretty well!

Blueberry Cheese Durian Mooncake 

Picture source: 11street

Okay so, we already know that blueberry and cheese is a great combination, because well blueberry cheesecakes are just heavenly. But, here’s a great combo you probably never expected: blueberry, cheese and durian!

Before you cringe at this combination of flavours, you gotta give it shot with the Duria Mooncakes. Their Pandora boxes come in an assortment of other durian flavours that include original musang king, pandan durian, strawberry cheese durian and mango durian. You’ll never know if you never try... plus, you can have it delivered to you too!

Cempedak Blondies 

Picture source: Brownies Bar

You’ve tried the cempedak goreng at your nearest makcik stall in all its hot, creamy glory, and you’ve probably had a brownie at some point in your life too. What if you put the two together?  This Cempedak Blondie (a vanilla brownie minus the chocolate) has moist-tastic white chocolate swirled with real and jackfruit pulp - ready to take you down cempedak goreng memory lane...with a twist of course!

French Fries and Ice Cream 

Picture Source: Poltio

This combination just screams after school hangouts! Chili Sauce and Ketchup make way (we’ve got something else set out for you) - Dip those freshly made french fries into some ice cream and voila, you’ve got a Katy Perry Hot & Cold burst of sweet and salty flavour in your mouth.

Grape Jelly and Eggs

Picture source: My Recipes

Breakfast doesn’t always have to be boring - spice it up, or in this case sweeten your morning omelette with some grape jelly. It’s so good, the kids will want a second helping.

Maggi Mee and Milo

Picture source: Asia One

Two household staples that went viral a few years ago because it was such a mind-blowing discovery! If diluted maggi mee curry isn’t your thing, then add some Milo to sweeten and thicken up your noodles some milo. Yup, you heard (read) that right! MILO!

Also an option for those who are not that into spicy food - yippee!

Potato Chips and Ketchup

When you think of your ketchup, your next thought would probably be french fries. No doubt, that’s a classic combination, but here’s one you’re gonna wanna try on your next movie night: Potato chips and ketchup. It’s the perfect mix of just the right amount of sweet and salty, with an extra crunch! 

Now looking forward to a lot more voluntary food experimenting in the future and the expansion of this list!