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Discover Online Shopping Features You Never Knew You Needed

We all use the internet; no doubt, it has brought about unprecedented ease in our daily lives as we can practically do anything online from keeping in touch with our loved ones, perform online banking, and of course something we are all too familiar with, shopping! How else can one sit in the comfort of our own homes and be able to shop?

Plus, we no longer need to travel to the end of the world to purchase an item ‘cause now we can shop the world at our fingertips. Think about snacks from Thailand or even Taiwan :)

Wow all hail technology and the rise of eCommerce!

But in the midst of all that fun shopping goodness and ease, the online world does bring about a few difficulties like maneuvering our way around the array of goodies and making up our mind on which is best suited for our needs.

Worry not, eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces such as 11street hear you and have come up with the best solution for your woes - the Official Stores!

Well, we mean, you no longer have to be feel lost when shopping online with all these new features:

1. You can now shop on official stores knowing that all items arriving at your doorstep are 100% authentic!

2. To keep things speedy all the way till your check out process, you can now narrow down your search within the official stores, with the ‘Search in store…’ feature as shown below;

3. Users can also search for their desired products within the store by category such as fashion, Mobile, IT & Camera and Home Electronics amongst many;

With this new feature, you no longer have to take the gamble in purchasing your desired products as their authenticity is guaranteed!

There’s really no reason for you to not buy anything (Yay! Christmas is approaching!!) for the year end as we will be having our Black Friday Cyber Monday sale, which will kick off from 22 until 27 November 2018.

With extra extra EXTRA discounts on over 100 different brands, clearance sale of up to 90% and the 11street signature Flash Deals starting from RM11, we feel it is only right if we bid farewell as we go on for a shopping spree ~