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Caltex Kicks-Off 2019 Partnership With Dato’ Hans Isaac

Chevron Malaysia Limited, which markets the brand Caltex®, is ushering in 2019 with a strategic partnership with Malaysian celebrity, Dato’ Hans Isaac. The announcement was made in the presence of Chevron stakeholders and was met with booming response.

The strategic partnership is a natural one, given that Dato’ Hans Isaac represented Malaysia – and won – in Celebrity Car Wars Season 3, an award-winning automotive reality series which recently concluded its airing on History channel in November.  The show brought together six (6) celebrities across the region to test their skills, endurance, and smarts against each other.

Caltex® believes that just like the celebrities in Celebrity Car Wars who have pushed beyond their limits to complete the given obstacles in the show, the need to always provide high quality products for consumers is a top priority for the brand.

“Here at Caltex®, we are built on the foundation of three pillars: people, partnership and performance., said Shahid Ahmed, Chevron Malaysia Country Chairman.

“People means the people that we serve, our beloved consumers. Partnership, indicating the people we choose to partner with to deliver the ultimate performance, our third pillar. And we believe Dato’ Hans Isaac embodies these three pillars perfectly.”

Excited at the prospect of partnering up with Caltex®, Dato’ Hans Isaac said, “I’m a big fan of automotive and have always been impressed with Caltex for taking one step further and its efforts to be the best in supporting its consumers to have a smooth, safe journey. I’m excited for this and can’t wait to be part of the concrete, high-performing ecosystem that strives for excellence.”

“This is a new chapter for Caltex®, and with Dato’ Hans Isaac on board, we are certain fans can look forward to an exciting 2019,” added Shahid. As Caltex’s celebrity partner, Dato’ Hans Isaac will collaborate closely with the Caltex brand on its 2019 fuels marketing initiatives.

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