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10 nifty tricks with WD-40® that will save you time and energy at home!

In many ways, life has gotten easier with the advancement of technology, which frees up more time for many of us. Precious, precious time that we can do better things with.

Yet, in certain areas of life, we keep doing things the old way – the hard, sweaty and time-consuming way – even when we have the right tool to help us, lying right under the kitchen sink or in the garage! Yes, we are talking about the WD-40® Multi-Use Product, the ubiquitous blue and yellow can with over 2000 uses.

Life is short, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Here, let us show you 10 nifty little tricks the WD-40® can do that will save you much time and energy:

1)Erase the kid's crayon graffiti on walls

Kids will be kids, so no need to huff and puff in frustration at another dirtied wall. Just grab the can of WD-40® Multi-Use Product, and spray it onto the crayon marks. Once the spray has had a few minutes to work its magic, take a clean rag and wipe it off. The crayon stains will simply disappear with it, and you'll have your pristine wall back in no time.

2)Getting rid of stuck stickers, or stale chewing gums

Another tedious job, for sure. But this doesn't have to be as annoying a chore as it sounds. For stuck stickers, just spray on the WD-40® Multi-Use Product, leave it again for a few minutes, and then rub it off with your hands. It'll come off like a charm.

For stale chewing gums, a tad more work is required: spray, let it sit a few minutes, scrub with a wet cloth, and spray again if needed, and continue scrubbing it until it comes off. The formula helps to loosen the gum, while you pull it off with the scrub.

3)Clean your BBQ grill before you fire it up for the party!

Need to get your BBQ grill party-ready? Just spray a liberal amount of the WD-40® Multi-Use Product onto the grill rack, then let it sit for about 10 minutes, re-spray, then rub it off using a dry rug or balled-up piece of aluminium foil. Then wipe the residue with paper towels. If there are any old food residue still stuck to the grill, spray more WD-40® Multi-Use Product on the surface and scrape it off using a wire brush or a grill brush. Then, simply give the grill a good wash with hot water and soap, then rinse.

4)Don't let the mirrors fog up

When the mirrors fog up after a hot bath, we tend to just wipe it off with our hands -- which inevitably leaves water marks all over the mirror once it dries, which needs to be wiped away again. So, why not just prevent it from fogging up in the first place? Just spray on the WD-40® Multi-Use Product, and wipe it dry. Repeat the trick every once a week or so.

5)Prevent rust from forming on your golf or fishing equipment

Even stainless steel doesn't mean it won't rust. When the invisible layer of chromium oxide wears out or is damaged, then rust can form. To ensure your equipment stays rust-free and lasts longer, , just give it a nice spray with the WD-40® Multi-Use Product once each month, and wipe it off with a dry rag.

6)Cleans food remains stuck in refrigerator

When soap and water can't get rid of old bits of food stuck in your refrigerator, get the WD-40®® Multi-Use Product. Take out all the food stuff away from the area to be treated, spray a small amount of WD-40® Multi-Use Product on each gooey spot, then wipe it down with a soapy rag or sponge, and then again with a clean rag. Let dry.

7)Keep your beautiful, designer tiles, beautiful

Tiles do not come cheap these days and if it's designer tiles -- doubly not! And, like everything that needs to stay pretty, they need some tender loving care too. So get rid of scuff marks, paint, or grime stuck in the grout with just the WD-40® Multi-Use Product. Spray, let it sit, and clean the area with soapy water.

8)Soften your leather shoes

Leather shoes are absolutely gorgeous, but new leather can be a pain to break in. WD-40® Multi-Use Product can help -- just spray, and wipe off with a soft, dry cloth. It will help prevent blisters by softening the new leather and make the shoes more comfortable. It can also help keep the shoes more shiny. Just spray periodically with WD-40® Multi-Use Product, and give it a soft, gentle buff.

9)Loosen the zippers

Whether it's zippers on the pants or on your bag, WD-40® Multi-Use Product can be a great help. Because sometimes, wax just isn't as easy to work into the hard-to-reach places. So just spray on the WD-40® Multi-Use Product, and get those little metal teeth unstuck!

10)Keep your lawn mower grass-free

If your grass has gotten too long, or if the patch is just too wet, you can get grass jammed up in your mower blades -- which can be a real pain to get them out. To prevent this, just spray WD-40® Multi-Use Product to prevent grass from sticking.

For more tips and tricks with the WD-40® Multi-Use Product, or if you're looking for a specialist product for a specific job, just check out