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Short Trip to Genting

Because MAMA go Genting see Leon, she get a chance to go Genting with us to play.  And we decided on a 3 days 2 night trip to Genting so she can have some fun too.

It has been a while since we have been to Genting and she is bugging us for trip to somewhere cold. She got her jacket on and think it will be cold but fail, but she really enjoy the good time there 

A photo with daddy and both being funny in the cable car. She is pretty excited but she say the ride comes a bit bored as there is not much scenery that capture her attention. 

And the fun time comes when we decided for her excitement time here. Pretty much I can say she is more afraid than excitement but we just bought two tickets as I am not playing so we let her have her daddy time together. 

We started with a slow ride first to get her to play some easy rides before moving to other excitment. She loves this haha... 

Then we move her to more different rides and she is happy to play them as well. 

Daddy has some time with her playing some rides together with her such as the bumpy car.  

She happily enjoy for the whole day with daddy on rides and all. 

Some of her funny posses that want us to capture. 

And she love to get this post as she get excited about it. she say she looks taller... haaha

Overall, she have a happy trip while mummy have a happy meetup with LEON!