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MOONTON Reveals New Insights into Mobile Legends: Adventure

Mobile game developer, MOONTON, has made one of the most successful and popular mobile video games in the world. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has a staggering number of 500 million installs and 75 million active monthly users in 135 countries. It is also a major feature in the South East Asian E-sports scene where gamers compete professionally for up to tens of thousands of dollars in prize money. 

However, MOONTON is not just set on riding the wave of success. Instead they are back in the game with the first ever sequel to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Mobile Legends: Adventure, an idle RPG strategy card game.

Mobile Legends: Adventure, which is slated to be released by the end of July 2019, is a big departure from the intense and competitive format of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The sequel is a casual, and relaxing game, which requires only a minimal amount of phone data and storage space. The developers shared that the new strategy card game was concepted to introduce a brand new genre to their loyal fans as well as attract newcomers.

 MOONTON shared: “Through Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, fans discovered and fell in love with our heroes. We gained so much from the experience of bringing joy to millions of players in Southeast Asia and all over the world. This time, we hope to bring more joy by telling new and untold stories in the worldview of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in the form of RPG.”

 The new RPG game will be told in the perspective of Layla, exploring a more in-depth and cohesive story on the heroes via cutscences, comics, dialogues and more. For the first time ever, MOONTON revealed that they would be sharing more on the clones made in Laboratory 1718. 

Caption: Mobile Legends: Adventure is told from the perspective of hero Layla and expounds into unchartered Mobile Legends: Bang Bang territories, of the clones made in Laboratory 1718.  

Fans will enjoy beloved heroes such as Miya, Tigreal, Layla and Lancelot in a new exciting way with each unique feature, skill, and trait re-adapted for Mobile Legends: Adventure’s gameplay while still keeping their core elements. 

Lancelot, the assassin hero, was the most difficult to redesign according to MOONTON. As the seesaw battles of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have been changed to positional battles in Mobile Legends: Adventure, developers had to redesign his skills yet still retain his signature swordsmanship. For example, Lancelot’s move in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang called ‘Thorned Rose’ strikes down enemies up to three times harder according to their position, slowing them down. Whereas in Mobile Legends: Adventure, the ‘Thorned Rose’ deals three times the damage to enemies in the middle and back row.

Caption: In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Lancelot’s ‘Thorned Rose’ skill lets him perform a sword technique within an area that may strike enemies up to three times based on their position and slow them down. The Slowing Effect can be stacked.

Caption: Whereas in Mobile Legends: Adventure, being a positional game, when Lancelot deals the ‘Thorned Rose’, enemies in the mid-row and back-row suffer three times the damage.

When asked what were the three key differences that set Mobile Legends: Adventure apart from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, MOONTON described that importantly players will be able to control and train up to five heroes at a time. Secondly, Mobile Legends: Adventure requires a different type of strategic thinking as players need to match heroes of different class together to form an all-round lineup and switch up their formations depending on their opponents. Lastly, instead of the more realistic 3D graphics of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Mobile Legends: Adventure utilises a 2D art style that brings out the personality and details of the characters in a lively and vibrant manner.

For more on the Mobile Legends: Adventure, follow its Facebook page and keep up with the most anticipated sequel to the biggest mobile game in the world (outside of China).