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Makan Makan : Brasserie25 @ The Stripes Hotel

For those who are a big fans of meat and buffet, don’t miss out this awesome place to savour your meat. Located at Hotel Stripes, they had just moved down their awesome and must have” One On One” buffet to their classy and yet beautiful “All Day Dining”: The Brasserie25. Starts your meal here with the variety of salads such as coleslaw, fruit salad and also the Caesar salad. Each of the items are beautifully displayed and freshly prepared.

One can enjoy the freshly grilled on the spot roast items which includes the Chicken rope sausage, beet rope sausage, grilled chicken brochettes, Cajun chicken, mini burgers, Iamb shoulders and many more.

What I love is I do not need to do anything and just picked up my food. The spread is not to big but it is definitely worth every penny where they Comes with wide choices of meat varieties. You can have your meat paired with the selections of sauce from mustard, bbq, peri-peri and many more. Not full yet, you can enjoy the paella, mac & cheese, roasted root vegetable, garlic bread to name a few.


It is indeed child friendly and there is food suits for everyone. Grace love is so much and it will definitely be our next visit again 


25, Jalan Kamunting, Chow Kit, 50300 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-2038 0000