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Antabax Introduces “Sensitive to Your Needs”

Antabax, Malaysia’s number 1 Halal antibacterial personal care range introduces “Sensitive to your needs” campaign, to raise the awareness of sensitive skin in the country through a series of brand’s education initiatives.

Sensitive skin irritates easily as it is thinner and finer-textured being more susceptible to sunburn and windburn when exposed to the elements. For some, skin sensitivity is caused by allergic reaction to foods, materials and even fragrance, resulting in redness, dryness or itchy skin.

Enter the Sensitive range from Antabax, a thoroughly innovative antibacterial shower cream range with a balanced pH of 5.5, 100% soap-free and alkaline-free, with a modern, light and subtle non-allergenic fragrance, it is kind and gentle to sensitive skin, while providing 99.9% antibacterial protection.

Enriched with skin vitamins and natural moisturizers it restores skin’s natural moisture levels and minimizes skin irritation caused by drying for healthier, smoother skin.

It is certified ‘Halal’, giving Muslims full confidence in using it.

The Sensitive range consists of antibacterial shower cream that can be used by the entire family, including baby.

According to Mandy Lee, Senior Product Manager, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, Antabax team has been working hard to educate the consumer about choosing the right type of products for the sensitive skin.

“We have started updating the label on the products, as well as engaging with consumer through our one for one exchange, which is currently on-going until September.  In today’s event, we are also glad to have Dr. Sharon Gopalan, a reputable dermatologist to speak about sensitive skin.  We will continue to host more such education initiatives on ground as well as online,” says Mandy.

At the event, Dr. Sharon Gopalan from Procare Dermatology, a dermatologist with 10 years of experience, who has treated skin conditions like Pigmentary Disorders, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Cutaneous Infections, shared with the attendees on sensitive skin regime.  She gave advice to the attendees on proper methods on sensitive skin care.

Mia Ibrahim, a journalist, shared that she prefers shower cream with antibacterial, as she has an active lifestyle, but in general, the antibacterial brands would in general not as friendly to the sensitive skin.  “I am definitely spread with joy when I discovered Antabax has a range for sensitive skin.  Now, using Antabax Sensitive shower cream and hand wash for a while now, I find it really hard for me to use another brand now,” Mia elaborated with a smile.

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