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For an effortlessly smooth cut, try WD-40® Specialist™ Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil

When it comes to getting a job done -- whether by hand or machine -- the path of least resistance is always preferred for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The same is true in metalworking, where cutting oil is often used to smoothen the process.

And among those who work often with metal, WD-40® Specialist™ Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil is regarded as an essential helper as it not only helps to keep the tools a little cooler by reducing accumulated heat and friction, it also helps in the cutting work itself -- making the cut easy and steady -- while keeping the tool from wearing out and getting dull too soon.

To those unfamiliar with the term ‘cutting oil’, it is a type of coolant cum lubricant specially designed for cutting and drilling equipment.

But what is WD-40®'s Specialist™ range? Well, this is a range that WD-40® developed to be the best-in-class maintenance products to ease specific tasks. This range is not only proven to be effective in several independent lab tests, but also outperforms leading competitors in standard ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) performance tests.

This is the reason why besides its signature Multi-Use Product that comes in a royal blue can with a yellow emblem and a little red cap, WD-40® is also widely known for its Specialist™ range, particularly among, well, specialists.

And the WD-40® Specialist™ Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil has been specially designed to improve the performance and prolong the service life of cutting and drilling equipment, like drill bits and cutting blades. It is suitable for use on any type of metals (ferrous or non ferrous) and either stainless steel or titanium components, the two preferred metals for tools and machinery making in the industry.

The cutting oil works by preventing pitting and metal seizures, while it lubricates the mechanical parts of your equipment, which cuts down heat and damage caused by friction on these parts. In doing so, it reduces the cutting torque and directly improves the efficiency of the cutting job.

By attaching the straw, the product can be directed to the precise area requiring lubrication, such as the drill bit on the pedestal drill or when hand tapping to thread a bore hole.

Its smart design and reliable formulation makes WD-40® Specialist™ Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil an ideal for use in many metalworking industry and businesses, including automotive workshops.

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