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Peekaboo marks 21st anniversary with stem cell-based hair growth solution workshop

Peekaboo !

Happy Birthday to Peekaboo! And now they turns 21 this year and this year the founder collaborated with the commercial stem cell product company, Aphrozone Co Ltd ( Aphrozone) of Korea in organising a special workshop featuring hair growth solutions using the stem-cell cosmetics with the growth factor.

And this time, the head of Peekaboo, Mr Joe Low Kok Cheong who first ventured into the hairdressing industry  in 1989 finds that hair is very important as it frames, built and sculp the face, thus illuminating an individual features while enhancing his or her look.

Being long in the industry, Joe and his fellow stylist notice that many people are experiencing hair lost and they had decided to work in hand with Ruby Cell which helps in this.

Aphorozone who is the producer of Ruby Cell brings you with the solutions from face to body and of course to hair. In here Ruby Cell provides loads of hair care solution which includes ampoules, shampoo, hair treatment and scalp tonic for hair growth.

Ruby Cell is one of Korean product which is formulated with the Advanced Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Protein Extracts and Liposome (APL) and other high- performance proteins that can be used by the people of all ages.  The product are developed in the state-of- art Aphrozone laboratory in South Korea.

According to Joe, we also understand that Ruby Cell products can prevent hair loss as well as stimulate the new hair growth. And by using their shampoo and conditioner, it will make your hair smoother and silkier leading to a beautiful you!