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 Touch ‘n Go eWallet is bringing its seamless cashless experience to Negeri Sembilan, starting from the cultural city of Seremban. The city, which is well known for being heavily influenced by Minangkabau culture, is now undergoing a cashless transformation as Touch ‘n Go eWallet officially enables the locals to enjoy cashless transactions.

Officiated by the Member of Parliament of Malaysia for Seremban, YB Tuan Anthony Loke Siew Fook, this launch will help to enable a cashless payment method, powered by Touch ‘n Go eWallet, across multitudes of stalls and hawkers in key areas starting with Pasar Besar Seremban. Touch ‘n Go eWallet users can now enjoy a hassle-free payment experience at these local joints by simply scanning the QR code displayed by the merchants and enjoy their purchases immediately. Gone is the need to bring bulky wallets with cash or scramble for change when making purchases!

Ignatius Ong, CEO of TNG Digital Sdn Bhd said, “We’re thrilled to be able to bring our expertise to Seremban as this puts us on the right track to achieving our vision of a cashless Malaysia. Our efforts in Seremban are designed for all who reside, work, and travel in this city in mind.  Enabling the local night and wet markets such as this historical market symbolises the continuation of our long-term commitment to drive the entire Negeri Sembilan forward by empowering locals to experience a more convenient, safer and hassle-free way to transact in their daily lives.

We want to play an active role in supporting the economic growth of Negeri Sembilan, as a whole, through the facilitation of a digital payment system for local merchants. Homegrown small merchants such as stalls and hawker joints will benefit greatly from Touch ‘n Go eWallet as it would help them innovate and stay relevant in the current market landscape. Beyond that, we understand the importance of empowering local startups to cultivate a healthy and thriving business landscape and have established partnerships with local brands such as EzCab.”

Touch ‘n Go eWallet’s foray into Seremban is in line with our aim to eliminate the need for paper transactions or receipts and instead, introduce a technologically advanced eWallet with exclusive key features to help Seremban – and soon, entire Negeri Sembilan - become a more connected and smarter city.

Minister of Transport, YB Tuan Anthony Loke Siew Fook said, “This is a truly great initiative by TNG Digital to elevate Seremban to greater digital heights. We want to thank Touch ‘n Go eWallet for its continued efforts that benefit not only the buyers and consumers, but also our everyday local merchants at night markets and markets such as this. I am excited to see the progress that our local businesses are making by implementing and offering the Touch ‘n Go eWallet as a digital payment mode to the consumers. I am confident that with Touch ‘n Go eWallet, Seremban is well on its way to be a cashless city followed by other districts in Negeri Sembilan!

This initiative is also in line with Touch ‘n Go eWallet’s ‘Seremban Takeover’ campaign, a partnership between the eWallet and EzCab to encourage the people of Seremban to be a true a cashless community and empower the locals to experience a more convenient and safer method to move around the city. The campaign allows EzCab users to enjoy a discount of up to RM4.00 for any two (2) rides within Seremban when they pay the fare via Touch ‘n Go eWallet. This campaign starts today, and will end on 15 March 2020.

This campaign marks the beginning of a longer-term strategy for Touch ‘n Go eWallet as the leading eWallet in Malaysia, bringing the latest technology in the digital payments landscape to Malaysians. Touch ‘n Go eWallet is also the official ‘e-Tunai Rakyat’ partner, an initiative by the Government’s latest initiative where eligible Malaysians can receive RM30 each into their respective eWallet accounts starting 15 January 2020 onwards.