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Cornetto Black Hojicha™ ice cream

 Cornetto is introducing a new ice cream experience featuring the perfect blend of unexpected textures and flavours and it’s set to become 2020’s ultimate pick-me-up snack. The Japanese-inspired, Instagram-worthy Cornetto Black Hojicha™ ice cream is a sleek combination of creamy Hojicha flavoured ice cream, crunchy chocolate coloured waffle cone, with a sweet surprise of dark chocolate sauce in the ice cream core.

“Cornetto has always been the symbol of love; our ice cream is the vehicle that brings people together. With Cornetto Black Hojicha™, we wanted to take our unique dessert experiences to a whole new level. This Japanese-inspired ice cream is one that surprises with its unconventional textures and flavours and sparks excitement when enjoyed with loved ones,” shared Shiv Sahgal, Marketing Director Foods & Refreshments category, Unilever Malaysia.

The Cornetto Black Hojicha™ ice cream borrows from Japanese elements not just on its flavours but its packaging, too. The sleeve of the ice cream is an embossed, multi-varnished packaging while flavours are a medley of chocolate and roasted Hojicha.

Tapping into the Valentine’s season, Cornetto is partnering with two renowned local florists to create iconic, limited-edition Cornetto Black Hojicha-inspired flower bouquets. During the campaign period of 1 February-15 February 2020, both participating florists (50Gram and Ed’s Fleur) will design a special bouquet inspired by the Cornetto Black Hojicha™ ice cream while all flower bouquets ordered within this period will be wrapped in a Cornetto Black Hojicha-inspired wrapping paper for an ultra-sleek appeal.

For every bouquet purchased during the campaign period, Cornetto and 50Gram will also be donating RM5 to local charity house Love Force House. “What better way to give back during this season of love than with the sweetest gift of all? These bouquets are sweet reminders of love and proceeds go to a good cause too,” added Shiv Sahgal, Marketing Director Foods & Refreshments category, Unilever Malaysia.

The Cornetto Black Hojicha™ ice cream was first introduced in Southeast Asian markets like Thailand and Indonesia, making Malaysia the 3rd country in the world to feature this flavour. The ice cream is priced at RM3.00 and is available in retail outlets nationwide.

Check out Cornetto’s official Facebook page at for more information on Cornetto’s Black Hojicha Ice Cream.