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JOYLEE​™ will launch the Empower with Joy  Campaign from the 1st of March 2020 till 31st of March 2020 in conjunction with International Women’s Day to spread the awareness of women empowerment and breaking the stigma towards women of all walks of life.

“Women today are still constantly facing patriarchy, sexism, inequality and there seems to be no true end to it” says Olivia, the founder of JOYLEE​™​. “The daily struggles, sacrifices and contribution to society of women shall not be forsaken or looked over any longer”.

Throughout this campaign, the aim is to inspire more women out there to drive themselves to be more successful and teach the younger generation of women the importance of self-worth. That way, we can successfully motivate women to live life full of joy no matter the circumstances.

The campaign T-shirt will be launched as well with the unique design of our ‘JOY’ hand sign which symbolizes a joyful smile that we want to bring to all women that have been struggling and to show appreciation for their contribution to the society as strong independent women. The T-shirt will be launched together with our new promotion packages where all profits from each T-shirt will be donated directly to NGOs/charity supporting women in crisis.

JOYLEE’s has been founded since 2017 and we envision an enjoyable experience when it comes to parenting together with us! Other than that, JOYLEE’s mission has always been to empower every family to grow up with joy by easing the transition of being a parent and provide guidance in every step to build a joyful family with our very own innovated products, education and workshop.

If you would like more information about this topic, you may contact us directly at our hotline                 +60 16-263 7743 or email us at To visit our website, go to     or visit our official Facebook page at