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During this MCO, don't forget to clean your air conditioners for fresher, cleaner air too!

We have just entered the third week of Malaysia's Movement Control Order period, which was initiated to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the sake of all our loved ones, this is a time we must all #dudukdiamdiamdirumah. If we need to go out for groceries or other essential errands or work, then social distancing is a must. And whether at home or outside, we must wash our hands frequently.

Keeping our environment clean, fresh and bacteria free is also crucial. One way to do so is by cleaning your air conditioner -- and it can be done very simply, all by yourself without needing the help of a technician -- by using the 3-IN-ONE® Professional Air Conditioner Cleaner.

It is a water-based cleaning agent that dissolves grease, dirt, fungi, mold and other build-ups from the cooling coils of your air conditioners. It also kills kill 99.99 % bacteria* and germs, while keeping your unit in tip-top condition, with optimum efficiency*.

How to do it? Well, all it takes are just 5 steps. They are:

1) Turn off your air conditioner and unplug the unit.

2) Take out the filters and wash away the accumulated dust.

3) Spray the 3-IN-ONE® Professional Air Conditioner Cleaner directly onto the cooling fins, from left to right, starting from the top.

4) Leave the unit be for two minutes, to let the cleaner penetrate deep into the cooling fins.

5) Put the filters back into the unit and switch on the air conditioner for at least 15 minutes, to drain out any remaining dust through the drain hose.

And voila, you're done! No rinsing required. And you get refreshing, bacteria-free air from your air conditioner unit.

So, take advantage of your time at home now to get some cleaning done too. Certainly, #dudukdiamdiamdirumah doesn't have to be boring or a waste of time.

Get the 3-IN-ONE® Professional Air Conditioner Cleaner at Lazada or Shopee today. If you need more information, tips on how to best make use of your WD-40® products, or product recommendations for certain problems, check out

*Kills 99.99% of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans.