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Stay Safe, Stay Protected #StayAtHome #PrestoCares initiatives by Presto

As you are staying indoors and following all the rules and guidelines during the implementation of the Restriction Movement Order by the Malaysian Government until 14th April 2020, Presto brings you a great online shopping experience. Most importantly, we want you to maintain your hygiene and sanitize your hands regularly. At Presto, we have a bouquet of offerings that you can use to benefit yourself and your family during this RMO period.

1. You can use your free time during the RMO by playing GRABBIT for FREE from 20th March 2020 to 14th April 2020 (subject to availability and terms and conditions apply) and stand a chance to win Face Masks OR a Hand Sanitizer by playing GRABBIT in our Presto app! You may refer the game to your friends to get more Presto Tokens.

2. Presto is also offering further discounts for their non-expiring gift cards. You can reward yourself or your loved ones with Presto Gift Cards to shop online at your own comfort with no hassles, even after the RMO period ends.
Presto Gift Card Link:

3. Presto Gift Cards make your shopping experience easier; you can restock your essentials such as face masks and hand sanitizers from Presto. Fret not, our stock is reliable and ready to be delivered to you after you’ve made your purchase. Be sure to protect yourself by wearing a protective mask and by keeping your hands sanitized regularly!

Affordable Packaging Mask

Hand Sanitizer 

4. Lastly, for any Corporations or NGOs that would like to purchase any essential items such as hand sanitizers or face masks in bulk for their CSR program, you can buy them from us at a special discounted rate. We guarantee that we can commit to your number of orders in the blink of an eye. Feel free to contact our Presto hotline on WhatsApp (+60 19-861 8515). Stocks are constantly being replenished but they are selling out fast daily, so interested parties are encouraged to place their orders quickly.

In the meantime, we hope that everyone can stay calm and always follow the rules given out by the Malaysian Government during the Restriction Movement Order. Stay home and only go out when necessary. Be safe everyone, together we are one in this matter.