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Chow Tai Fook Unveils the ‘Colour Your Summer’ Campaign

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited (“Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group”, “the Group” or “the Company”; SEHK stock code: 1929), a Hong Kong Main Board listed company with 90 years of heritage.

The season of summer is like a rainbow, and each colour can be represented by an emotion from every culture and tradition, living together in harmony. Drawing inspiration from the harmonious colours of this season, different gold colour palettes can also evoke all kinds of different moods and atmospheres. Defining these emotions is especially crucial when choosing the perfect jewellery, to ensure having the best metal truly radiate and complement every individual. With this concept in mind, Chow Tai Fook launches the “Colour Your Summer” campaign and introduces several jewellery pieces with rose Gold, white Gold and pure Gold with enamel, suited to begin every summer chapter.

Chow Tai Fook ‘Life of Nyonya’ – A tribute to the Peranakan folk

As the sun takes a golden hue on a summer evening, it’s no surprise summer is everyone’s favourite time of the year. Similarly, gold jewellery has become increasingly popular during this season, renowned for its rich, golden hue and praised for its vibrant look.
Inspired by the energetic colours and patterns of Malaysian traditional clothing, the colours of red and pink on Batik represent blessings, whilst their patterns depict beautiful sceneries of flowers, insects and birds.
Life of Nyonya integrates a modern twist in the marrying of pure gold and splashes of colours with Peranakan style; rich embroidery, handmade beading, and a bright coloured palette intricately integrated into their jewellery pieces.

The ‘Batik in Gold’ features Batik totem designs that are inspired by nature and transforms old time messages into contemporary art. Resembling the creativity portraying elements of flowers and grass, the patterns play with the colours of red and blue representations respectively. Batik as an art medium and methodology for creating design is captured in every jewellery piece crafted. Inspired by the love of making that is part of Peranakan culture, “Life of Nyonya” encompasses a selection of exquisite charms in an array of distinctive colours to depict interpretation of its rich heritage.

The brand’s rendition of a ‘Tiffin Carrier’ is a delicious blend of zealously guarded Chinese traditions coupled with inspired use of the tropical produce of the Malay Peninsula. The ‘Tiffin Carrier’ draws inspiration from a tingkat which has been around since the pre-Peranakan era. Fascinated by the vibrant colours and intricate designs of the tingkat and tiffin carriers, each gold charm features the traditional four-tiered bowls with multi-coloured motifs.

The Gasing Charm pays tribute to the days of nostalgic games – wrought out of pure imagination and items lying around – and children, as well as adults alike, invented to keep themselves entertained. Designed to spin rapidly, the Gasing Spinning Top used to be made from wood or a hard fruit, iron and lead, and could be set in motion by winding a string around its axis and quickly pulling it. Now adapted into a piece of contemporary art, the Gasing Charm is an interpretation of the classic Gasing Spinning

Top that represents life as a test of endurance and balance to keep on spinning. With an inspiration that derived from the ‘Red Turtle Cake’, otherwise known as ang ku kueh, another cherished jewellery piece from ‘Life of Nyonya’ is the elegant “Fu” Fortune charm. Handcrafted out of 999 pure gold, the charm features colourful motifs with the “Fu” character taking centre-stage – a symbol of good luck, fortune and blessing.

‘Chow Tai Fook Little Gift’ Collection – One for love, favour and fortune
The brand’s rendition of the exchanging woven friendship jewellery circles around the simpler childhood days our time. Crafted in simple-chic designs, the ‘Chow Tai Fook Little Gift’ Collection features a series of affluent and elegant 18K rose gold – a precious metal with a soft golden-tinged pink hue that evokes a woman’s intrinsic charm.

Once the bright-hued summer weather arrives, everyone is outdoors having a good time, and this opens doors for new friendships to be forged. With this concept in mind, the jewellery creations brings together different-sized motifs, created as both necklaces and bracelets that reveal another way of playing with the size and materials of the motif. Rose Gold is occasionally conferred as a token of affection, this collection is particularly close to the hearts of many, as a symbol of meaningful friendships.

Chow Tai Fook T MARK Collection – To love to trust to tell the truth
Summer is hot and full of affection letting you guard down, welcoming romance and appreciating oneself with open arms. Encompassing three intimate collections, T MARK series is the ultimate symmetry of purity and modesty, with lots of love to go around. With the sole play of white gold, T MARK series embraces a new beginning, clarity of mind and purified thoughts.
The series begins with Touch Collection that features jewellery pieces with the intention to capture every poetic moment stranded when two hands meet. With special attention given to the refined silhouette of interlocking fingers with natural diamonds, each diamond placement on the 18K White Gold Diamond Ring reveals an exclusive connotation that symbolises the epitome of love above all others.

Echoing the sincerity of its sibling is Echo of Love Collection – one that embraces whole-heartedly the bonds forged between family, friends and lovers. When summer comes, people often associate it with the celebration of reconnecting with loved ones. Depicted in this collection are jewellery pieces with tips of hearts connecting at its peak. The collection features an 18K White Gold Diamond Ring, set with four heart- shaped prongs for the ultimate luminosity.

Wrapping up the series is the T Mark Lodestar Collection, inspired by the wholesome bond that remain unbreakable between lovers. Set to guide its wearer like a Lodestar guides since ancient times, the collection is a true testament to embracing solitaire diamonds that follow in the trail of a shining star. Perfectly crafted to depict floating radiant stars, the 18K White Gold Pendant allows for natural light beams to shine through its star-shaped mount, for the ultimate level of transparency.

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