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More Malaysians Favourite Apps is Now Available on HUAWEI AppGallery

Since the launch of HUAWEI AppGallery, the official app distribution platform for HUAWEI has grown to become the world’s third-largest app store behind Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. With over 1.3 million developers have already flocked to the Huawei AppGallery ecosystem, Huawei users can expect to see more exciting apps availability soon to be downloaded.

Huawei is constantly ramping up developer support and attempting to attract bigger developers in growing the number of useful apps especially favourite local apps for Malaysians. The latest addition to the AppGallery ecosystem is the UOB Mighty App and the Park@Perak App with both local relevancy in mind.

Explore the benefits of UOB Mighty App
The UOB Mighty is an award-winning mobile banking app that enables customers to access a comprehensive suite of banking transactions from payments to rewards redemption within a single app. Life is simplified with the all-new UOB Mighty which is set to redesigned to make banking procedure easier.

Here are some of the key features found in the UOB Mighty banking app:

1. Banking
This function manages your accounts and does transaction while you are on the go with an overview of your accounts at a glance.

2. Security
The UOB Mighty App allows you to make payments swiftly and securely while on the go. With Mighty Secure, a digital security token embedded in your smartphone will make it convenient for authentication process during Personal Internet Banking and UOB Mighty (mobile banking) transactions without the need for SMS-OTP.

3. Payment Methods
In this UOB Mighty App, you can choose the various mode of payment or fund transfer such as:
DuitNow: Effortlessly send and receive funds via a mobile number or NRIC number.
DuitNow QR: Go contactless with just 4 simple steps – Scan, Key in the Amount, Review and Confirm.
Pay/Transfer: Make payments or transfers on-the-go with JomPAY for bill payments, IBG and DuitNow transfer services, all at your fingertips.
Mighty Pay: Turn your mobile phone into a wallet and make contactless payment at more than 10,000 outlets around Malaysia and worldwide. *

At these merchants’ outlets, you can pay with a simple, secured tap by using your mobile device.
*Only for NFC supported Android devices.

4. Lifestyle
It is more than just an app, you can explore and enjoy exclusive dining, shopping, and travel deals with UOB Mighty. Now, you can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve right at your fingertips, be it in Malaysia or worldwide with UOB Cards.

5. Fingerprint Sign In
For a personalized mode of security, UOB Mighty brings banking convenience to another level. Now, you can bank anywhere by signing into the Mighty App with your fingerprint (Touch ID) or Face ID for Apple users and Fingerprint for Android users to sign in.

Park @ Perak App: Your e-parking coupon solutions
The Park@Perak App is a convenient way for you to pay your parking fee simply through the app to replace existing parking coupons. Apart from timesaving, reducing paper usage would be another advantage as it will have a better impact on the environment.

Here are some of the key features found in the Park@Perak App:

1. Convenience
Some of the advantages are timesaving without the need to look for shops to purchase parking coupons.

2. Extend Time Limit
It allows you to extend your parking time limit without the need to physically go to your car.

3. Use Anywhere in Perak
This application can be used in all areas in Perak.

4. User Friendly
It is your one-stop solution without the need to have a different coupon for each region.

Explore the benefits of Huawei AppGallery
Access a huge catalogue of carefully selected Android apps and experience unparalleled security with a quad-layer security mechanism for all apps in Huawei AppGallery. Receive exclusive benefits and rewards such as gift packs for apps and games whenever you download it from the app store. With the Huawei AppGallery, find what you are looking for with smart searches that suits your preferences with ease and keep up with the latest trends with rankings charts that are updated daily. Discover and explore it only Huawei AppGallery