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Emirates SkyCargo facilitates Malaysian exports of PPE

Malaysia is one of the world’s largest exporters of medical supplies such as gloves, exporting more than 170 billion units during the year 2019*. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the country has ramped up its production capacity significantly and has increased exports of PPE to meet the demand from markets across the world.


Emirates SkyCargo, the freight division of Emirates, has been playing a key role in making sure that gloves and other PPE supplies manufactured in Malaysia are transported to countries where supplies of PPE are most needed. The air cargo carrier has been offering cargo capacity on a scheduled basis to Kuala Lumpur from early May and is currently operating four weekly cargo flights to Malaysia’s capital. From Dubai, the cargo on these flights connect to destinations across Emirates SkyCargo’s global network which spans over 100 cities. In addition to PPE, the flights also help export electronics, fruits, and other perishable items from Malaysia, while bringing pharmaceutical products, fashion – clothing and accessories, seafood and other perishables, spare parts, machinery and other goods into the country.


Bobby Chang, Emirates Cargo Manager for Malaysia, said: “Emirates SkyCargo has been supporting the manufacturers and exports of medical supplies from Malaysia to the rest of the world. Between May and June this year, we operated close to 20 dedicated cargo flights to Kuala Lumpur, mostly carrying medical supplies. On top of our scheduled flights we continue to operate an important number of charter flights every week to transport gloves and other PPE from Kuala Lumpur to destinations in the Middle East, Europe and Americas. We have an agile and responsive charter team and at times we have deployed the aircraft within 24 hours of the customer request coming in.


“With export of gloves from Malaysia predicted to go up to 225 billion units during 2020, Emirates SkyCargo stands ready to support and facilitate the movement of these essential commodities around the world. We are in a good position to service the needs of our customers with reliable solutions- through our modern aircraft fleet and varied cargo capacity offerings including our Boeing 777-300ER aircraft modified for cargo loading in passenger cabin, loading on the passenger seats and in overhead bins and our Boeing 777 full freighters. This is combined with our extensive network and flight frequencies that allows cargo to reach the end customers in time.”


Emirates SkyCargo is a global leader in the air cargo industry offering cargo capacity on its modern fleet of widebody aircraft including 11 Boeing 777 freighters across a global destination network that covers six continents. From just over 35 destinations at the end of March, Emirates SkyCargo quickly expanded its network to over 100 scheduled cargo destinations across the world by July to meet the demand of customers and communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.


*data from the Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association