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The management of Suria KLCC wishes to provide an update on the Covid-19 case involving a member of the fitness centre, Babel.

An extensive contact tracing exercise was conducted immediately upon being alerted about the Covid-19 case involving a member of Babel. As a result, Babel has received official confirmation that ALL tests conducted on those identified as being in close proximity to the affected member have returned as NEGATIVE.

To understand the course of events better and for clarity, the footprints of the affected member in Babel Suria KLCC took place on four (4) separate occasions (morning off-peak session) between 9, 10, 11 & 13 September 2020. For comprehensive contact-tracing investigation, please read here:

Suria KLCC is working closely with the Ministry of Health as well as the National Security Council in undertaking the necessary measures and precautions to ensure the health and safety of all its stakeholders.

As an immediate action to ensure the safety of everyone, Suria KLCC has conducted thorough sanitisation and disinfection exercise of the entire mall especially at the common areas, in addition to stepping up the cleaning schedules. These include regularly cleaning items that had more frequent points of contact such as:

i. Escalators, lifts, door handles, hand railings, lift buttons, and e-directory guides are cleaned throughout the day and night.

ii. The baby and parents’ rooms as well as surau are sanitised more frequently as we understand that children (and the elderly) are more vulnerable to illnesses.

iii. Disinfection and sanitisation of the mall after business/operating hours such as the toilets, waste management areas and back of house spaces.

While we continue to welcome visitors and shoppers to Suria KLCC, we recognise that given the current situation of the global Covid-19 pandemic, such news will cause undue anxiety to members of the public.

Having said this, we want to assure our customers and retailers that your well-being is of the utmost priority to us and our staff remain vigilant at all times to ensure that your health and safety is not compromised in any way. Suria KLCC does not anticipate any impact to the mall’s business as this case is well-contained and Suria KLCC remains open and continue business operations as normal.

We will continue with such precautionary measures and monitor the situation until such time the Covid-19 outbreak is no longer a threat. We advise members of the public to not speculate and/or spread unfounded rumours. During this time, the best measure is to act responsibly and remain calm while obtaining valid information from official sources.