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Innovative Solutions to Problems You Didn’t Even Know You Had

 When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb, civilisation experienced major changes in life for the better.

Fast forward a century later, some challenges are still a major part of our everyday lives.  However, thanks to clever innovation and insight from our fellow Malaysians, some of these challenges have been greatly simplified on a local level. 

This Malaysia Day, we celebrate five Malaysian companies who are committed and strive to use technology as a platform to address and solve some of your problems.

So, who are they? Read on to find out!

1. Creative Lab by Niro Granite

Creative Lab was established just two years ago as an innovative retail concept by Niro Granite, which allows customers to envision their intended renovation before actually committing to it. 

Creative Lab is an outlier when compared to other traditional tile companies, where Creative Lab creates a full 3D interior design for free, enabling customers to envision the renovation, prior to laying down the tiles. Creative Lab currently has 36 outlets sprawled across Malaysia which are all outfitted with the 3D rendering technology, making it convenient for everyone. Creative Lab has made it their mission to provide quick, easy and effective solutions for all customers, be it in their homes or workspaces. 

“Creative Lab was born as a result of the challenges faced by home owners when shopping for tiles in a traditional tile showroom. We found that there were limitations when it came to visualising how the tiles would appear once installed. Resulting in negative and often, regretful experiences with tiling. Now with Creative Lab, you can literally “bring home your ideas”, which also happens to be our tagline,” expressed Keith Loh, Chief Retail Officer of Creative Lab.

2.   Kaodim

Kaodim is an online service that helps everyday Malaysians find the right service providers for hire. Built on the idea that everyone should have the ability to hire any service they want quickly, safely and reliably, Kaodim has made it their mission to achieve this vision. 

Their platform allows users to compare the various service providers through reviews and quotations. Users are able to pick and choose the verified providers for the tasks that are required. Kaodim covers a plethora of services such as plumbing, pest control, beauty and many others.

“Over the last 5 years, Kaodim has created a safer, more reliable and responsive experience for engaging hundreds of home maintenance services, offering peace of mind with insurance and service guarantees. Through a robust supplier management system, we've matched Malaysians with the highest quality service providers. We thank all our Malaysian customers for their support,” said Jeffri Cheong, Group Managing Director and Co-Founder of Kaodim.

3. TheLorry

TheLorry was founded in 2014, based on the goal of adding value to the traditional lorry rental and service industry. Ever since then, TheLorry has become a platform for providing Malaysians with fast and easy lorry, van and 4x4 rentals. 

TheLorry has newly created a mobile app as a way to further enhance the accessibility of their services. Customers can get instant quotations and guaranteed professional drivers, hence providing greater security.

“TheLorry allows Malaysians to book, manage, track and pay for all their bulky delivery needs seamlessly and transparently with a few clicks of a button. The fleet of drivers comprises guaranteed professionals to give Malaysians peace of mind when it comes to arranging the delivery of their items, which many of us know, can be very stressful. In addition to these offerings, we also support Small & Medium Enterprises to improve their supply chains by providing reliable, professional and on-demand logistics,” expressed Nadhir Ashafiq, Co-Founder and Executive Director of TheLorry.   

4. ParkIt

Born out of every Malaysian’s pet peeve, insufficient parking spaces, ParkIt is a company dedicated to improving the parking situation in Malaysia. 

ParkIt is a service that allows you to rent parking spaces that are vacant which is convenient in areas that are notorious for limited parking spaces. ParkIt also benefits property owners with unused parking spots as they can rent out their lots as another potential source of income.  

“Everyone knows that in parts of Malaysia, especially congested city areas, there aren’t enough parking spaces to go around. Rates are also exorbitant. However, if you think about how much we have developed over the years, and how many high-rise condominiums we have in these areas, the usage of parking spaces aren't maximised. Many of these condominium units around the city centre usually comes with two parking spaces and more than not, not both are utilised. Hence, the brainchild of our service. ParkIt activates these parking spaces, expanding the supply of parking spaces within the city where it is needed most, and at the same time, allows parking space owners to earn extra passive income from their otherwise un-utilised car park. A win-win situation for all!” elaborated Kyan Liew, Chief Executive Officer of ParkIt.

5. Kiddocare

Kiddocare is a company offering professional babysitting services to parents in Malaysia.  It is also a platform which supports women who intend to pursue careers in childcare, or earn extra income. 

The company operates through an app making it convenient for working parents to have easy access to the platform. Kiddocare has also made it a priority and necessity that all babysitters are background checked, drug tested, CPR trained and First Aid certified as it is essential to the safety of all children. 

“Babysitting is quite a big thing in other countries. In Malaysia, it isn’t quite as common as many of us depend on our families to help take care of our young. But what if you don’t have that type of support system? How do you earn a living for your child if you can’t go to work? Kiddocare was created to support working parents in Malaysia by connecting them with trained babysitters to care for their children. In return, this system also allows the babysitters to earn an income. Therefore, Kiddocare is an ecosystem by Malaysians, for Malaysians,” said Muhaini Mahmud, Co-Founder of Kiddocare.

The challenges we face on a daily basis, are inevitable. However, we can rest assured knowing that these few Malaysian companies are dedicated to making our lives a little bit better. 

If you are ever worried about whether the tiles you are eyeing will fit in with the rest of your décor, finding the right electrician to rewire your home, delivering the bulk of your furniture from your old house to your new one, how to get parked or who will be able to care for your kids while you’re doing all of this, fret not. Creative Lab, Kaodim, TheLorry, Parkit and Kiddocare have got you covered. 

We greatly appreciate all the effort these local companies have put in to make our lives that much easier. 

Do you know any other local companies employing technology to ease our burdens? Let us know!