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 In recent weeks, the country has witnessed an unprecedented high number of Covid-19 infections, with record daily infections numbering in the hundreds. Amidst the dramatic spike, many Malaysians have been actively seeking a dedicated insurance plan to stay financially protected in the event of contracting the virus. Answering the call, one enterprising organisation – AXXESS – is offering the AXXESS Covid-19 Protect insurance plan to all Malaysians between the ages of one month and 65 years. This insurance policy is underwritten by AIA General Berhad. 

The plan, available for only a limited time, offers policyholders a payout of RM2,000 upon being diagnosed for Covid-19 in Malaysia and hospitalized in the country as a result. Best of all, the plan is valid for a period of three months for a one-time premium of only RM28.50 (inclusive of tax), making it truly affordable. Not surprisingly, sales of this policy have surged in the past few weeks as Covid-19 cases rages on in Sabah and Kedah. Meanwhile, CMCO takes effect in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya on 14 October, as these areas are now also classified as red zones. 

In the event of the untimely death of the policyholder as a result of Covid-19 or an accident, the policyholder’s nominee or family will receive an additional RM10,000 payout. As such, AXXESS Covid-19 Protect offers a total payout of up to RM12,000. 

The AXXESS Covid-19 Protect plan is available for purchase online and the process only takes a few minutes. Those who sign up will receive confirmation of their policy as quickly as four days. 

“The recent spate of infections in Malaysia is truly concerning, to say the least. This is why we are offering the Covid-19 Protect plan, which is currently the only known insurance plan exclusively for Covid-19 in Malaysia. There are no conditions attached to the plan; meaning you don’t need to be an insurance policy holder, telco customer, e-Wallet subscriber or undergo health screening, etc. You only need to subscribe and be covered,” said Y.A.M. Tunku Naquiyuddin Tuanku Ja’afar, Executive Chairman of Shieldcard Holdings – parent company of AXXESS.

“It not only offers Malaysians a payout in the event of contracting Covid-19, but also in the unfortunate event of a death caused by Covid-19 or an accident. What we are offering is a truly unique product which offers great value, yet extremely affordable at only 31 sen per day,” said Richard Devaraj, CEO of AXXESS.

“Even Malaysians who are currently signed up for an existing medical insurance plan or medical card can stand to benefit, as the AXXESS Covid-19 Protect plan offers the payout in addition to any other claims paid by other insurers, which usually only cover hospitalization costs. This is especially beneficial to those who experience a loss of income due to hospitalization as a result of contracting Covid-19, or those who incur additional expenses as a result. Alternatively, they may choose to only receive the payout from the AXXESS plan, without making claims from any other insurance policy, which could affect their premiums,” he explained. 

In addition to AXXESS Covid-19 Protect plan, the company has also gained recognition for its innovative products and insurance benefits programmes, which leverages on unique partnerships with other insurance and service providers. It also offers affordable alternatives to insurance plans that leverages on the daily spending habits of individuals. 

Just last month, the company introduced AXXESS Lifeline, a Personal Accident protection plan which offers a combined payout valued at RM500,000 in the event of an accident that leads to death, for an incredibly low premium of only RM9.99 per month. 

The RM500,000 payout offered by the AXXESS Lifeline includes a lump-sum cash payment of RM100,000, as well as vouchers and benefits for the essential needs of a family for the next three years, including medical benefits (inpatient and outpatient), petrol, groceries, utilities, telco, health and personal care products, clothing, furniture and home appliances, e-wallet top-ups, subscription services etc – essentially providing families a lifeline to be self-reliant in the untimely death of a family member.

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