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AUSMAT Mentor Appreciation Ceremony Honours Student Mentors After Online Mentoring

 Sunway College’s Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) students recently held a virtual mentor appreciation ceremony to honour student mentors who had volunteered in helping their fellow students’ learning.

It was the culmination of rigorous mentoring sessions held online since May this year, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

For this year, AUSMAT’s Mentor-Mentee Programme comprises 122 mentors, with 36 of them performing double the mentor duties. 

The mentored subjects include physics, chemistry, human biology, psychology, mathematics - specialist, mathematics - method, English, accounting and finance, business management and enterprise, and economics.

The student mentors were pre-selected by subject lecturers based on their academic performance, positive attitude and willingness to assist their peers in their studies. 

Sunway College pre-university studies and director of AUSMAT programme Vanitha Satchithanadan believes that by being part of the student mentor programme, students will make improvements in their communication skills and boost their confidence, motivate them and reinforce their prowess in their respective subjects. 

Mandy Chua E Wei, who performed double mentor duties for physics and mathematics - methods for six months, said she is delighted to help others. 

Chua also cited her mentoring was a way for her to revise the said subjects. 

“The programme helped in improving my communication skills. As mentoring sessions were conducted online, it was vital that messages and answers were sent across clearly and concisely to avoid any misunderstandings,” she said.

Isaac Lee Ning, with a mentoring experience in secondary school, had mentored for mathematics - method.

He said while explaining the subject’s concept to others, it was a comprehensive way for him to strengthen his own understanding of the subject. 

Lee also expressed happiness when his mentee’s results improved. 

Zaana Ahmed Naseem viewed being a mentor as an opportunity to help others and contribute to personal development.

Double mentoring for business management and enterprise, and English, Zaana feels blessed that by helping her mentees in their studies, it makes her own college experience more meaningful. 

Chia Sheng, with no mentoring experience, was delighted in taking up the role after being selected to mentor for two subjects – psychology and mathematics - method. His online mentoring was held weekly. 

Chia Sheng said through the programme, he had learnt that time-management is crucial as well as to communicate and explain the subjects’ concepts effectively during his mentoring. 

As a mentor for accounting and finance, and mathematics - method, it had motivated Claris Lim Jink Nie to learn the subjects in-depth and understand the questions and problems that her mentees faced relating to the subjects. 

Lim said she felt a great sense of accomplishment when her mentees improved in their studies and achieved better grades.

A video presentation was showcased during the appreciation ceremony featuring mentees expressing appreciation for their mentors. 

Mentee Teh Tze Yun thanked her mentors Ang Shu Yin and Gan Jian Meng for their guidance on economics when she felt lost in her studies.

Mentee Lim Xin Yi showed gratitude to mentor Mira Choong Xi Yen for the latter’s guidance. 

Grateful for having Liew Pei Ying as a patient and friendly mentor, mentee Daniel Jeevanraj Anthony said he appreciates Liew’s time and effort in explaining and guiding him on his subjects’ concepts and also the questions provided by the teacher. 

Others present at the virtual ceremony are Dr Cheng Mien Wee, executive director of Sunway International School and director – pre-university studies of Sunway College; Dr Jessie Wong, head – programme and professional development, academic quality of Sunway College; as well as the AUSMAT programme’s academic team, students and parents.