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 Habits can be developed anywhere between 18 to 254 days. While there’s no typical timeframe for breaking an old habit, developing new healthy habits can be life-changing. One positive yet easy habit worth cultivating in the comfort of your own home is exercising. The ongoing Coway Run 2020: Change The Game which kickstarted in early November offers the perfect challenge for Malaysians to start a habit of exercising by completing the non-timed 40 km virtual run by 29 November 2020.

Simply get on a treadmill or run within your porch, garden or backyard. Vertical living dwellers can opt for gym facilities, communal recreational areas, or up and down the staircases within the residential block. Where permitted, opt to run the extra mile around the block within your neighbourhood.

To maintain and enhance one’s running performance while preventing long-term injuries; regular exercise is crucial. There is neither need for sophisticated gym equipment, nor a rigorous routine.


Four Malaysian influencers - Angeline Ong, Talitha Tan, Mark O’Dea and Joanna Soh – have shared some simple, non-strenuous exercises which can be done at home, along with some suggestions of easily accessible workout equipment worth investing in.


Long-time fitness enthusiast Angeline Ong believes consistency and determination are key elements of achieving one’s fitness goal. “Beginners can take it easy, start slow. It is important, though, not to give up! Seasoned runners must keep improving themselves: pushing their limits, and inspiring others to do the same,” Ong says. 

While singer-songwriter Talitha Tan cautions against getting too comfortable and losing the drive to exercise regularly. “I lost it for a while and found it incredibly hard to get back. I felt like I could never get back into training,” she said, describing her two-year hiatus. “I officially got back my motivation and drive during the Movement Control Order (MCO) earlier this year and I’m seeing amazing results in my fitness level,” Tan added.

Sharing his thoughts, TV presenter and YouTuber, Mark O’Dea assures newbies that it’s never too late to get fit! He challenged Malaysians: “Start doing something about it. Having achieved the goals set will leave you feeling over the moon!”. O’Dea, who has been into fitness all his life, admitted that the journey is not always a smooth one.

Meanwhile, fitness influencer, Joanna Soh highlighted the importance for individuals to take personal ownership of their fitness journey. “Do it for you. This is your own fitness journey. It’s a never-ending journey about yourself – physically and mentally, and it’s about being a better you,” she says. Soh also reminds Malaysians on the importance of balance and moderation. “Fitness is not about eating clean 100% of the time or spending hours in the gym, but rather it’s about finding that balance that works for you,” she concluded.

For an added fun factor, Coway has incorporated an interactive gaming experience, enabling runners to collect achievement badges after completing significant milestones throughout the run: Level 1 (3km), Level 2 (10km), Level 3 (20km) and Level 4 (40km). This aims to motivate runners to complete the entire run by 29 November 2020. 

Besides being fun, the Coway Run 2020 is pegged to a notable charitable cause. RM10 from each participant’s registration fee will be channelled to the Coway Happy Water Project, which funds initiatives to provide clean water and promote good hygiene practices amongst Orang Asli communities nationwide. This year, more than 300 families are expected to benefit from the five-year project which aims to support the needs of 1,000 families by the end of 2021. 

It’s not too late to sign up for the run, register here: For more information on the run, visit: Details on the Happy Water Project are available at