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Fun @ Legoland with Grace

 Travelling is always a fun trip for the kids especially for her who is a big fans of LEGOLAND. She finally get her dream come true visiting Legoland.  Legoland Malaysia brings her back to her world of entertainment and fun but the journey is long and she is making noises since is around 4 hours journey.

The journey is a worth after you see smiles on the face where she get to stay in Legoland Hotel and spending her time with all the beautiful awesome lego characters. We stayed in the hotel itself and there are lovely with the great theme which is worth the visit. The stay was a pleasent one while SOP is followed and the girl is superbly happy with the room itself where she can just play and enjoy everything in the room.

We got a her snapping great pictures with all the Lego made characters and things and she is happily enjoying everything. 

One of her picture with the Lego-made Elephant :) 

Loving the rides as well.

And she love train ride which capture her attention too! 

There is so much fun for her in the park and she definately in love with every moments in the park.
One of her favourite spot and ask us for few rounds of visit in a day which is the aquarium. She love the place so much and she definitely have great fun spending time and learning about all the awesome fish and all in one goal. 

She loves aquarium and keep us entertain with her unlimited questions and more. 

Fun continues where she love her day in the waterpark for sure. 

And among all these fun she got; is worth it for every penny we spend. Nothing beats the time with her and we love every moments that money can;t buy.