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Mc Donald's Happy Meal


Do you know "Happy Meal" from McDonald's had been selling since June 1979 in US? It is recomended by Yolanda Fernández de Cofiño began working with her husband operating McDonald's restaurants in Guatemala. She created what she called the "Menu Ronald" (Ronald menu), which offered a hamburger, small fries and a small sundae to help mothers feed their children more effectively while at McDonald's restaurants. ANd this concept brought the attention of McDonald's Management in Chicago and this is how Happy Meal idea comes about.

And in recent years, McDonalds has also collabrated with many cartoon characters which make a hit in the market that includes Hello Kitty, Snoppy, Pixae, Minions, and many more. I have been collected quite a number of their toys. How about you?

Are you a McDonalds Happy Meal lover too?

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