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Thanyapura launches Brain Gym for students to strengthen cognitive abilities during the holidays

 Thanyapura Sports & Health Resort has launched The Thanyapura Brain Gym, the latest addition to its distinctive health services with a focus on providing the world’s best scientifically-driven cognitive training.

With the school holidays upon us, Thanyapura is offering both online and in-person cognitive programs which are the perfect tool to keep students engaged and prepared for the new school year during this time. The Arrowsmith Program can help students looking to strengthen brain function and take one’s potential to the next level.

Backed by more than a decade of experience and research, the Thanyapura Brain Gym has the tools to enhance brain performance ranging from academic skills, memory, concentration and focus, communication skills and language development, as well as self-development and personal stress management. Participants of the programs have reported improved decision making speed, better memory and improved academic performance and overall wellness.

Arrowsmith Program

The Arrowsmith Program is a cognitive training program based on neuroscientific research with 40 years of helping students with and without learning difficulties strengthen cognitive capacities. The program has now been launched through Confident Brains, a classroom-based cognitive training program that comprises a series of exercises to target and improve specific brain functions related to learning, social abilities and general understanding. It is known to help students strengthen the fundamental aspects of learning such as attention, comprehension, working memory, communication, reasoning and numeracy, social-emotional intelligence and wellbeing. 

The Arrowsmith Program offers a range of targeted courses for students that best suit their learning needs and style. Ahead of the new school year, students can benefit from the brain training summer camp, a series of programs designed to improve processing abilities across all academic disciplines.

Available online, the eight-week at-home cognitive intensive program has adapted the existing in-person format to an at-home format so students can learn online with the guidance of an experienced Arrowsmith instructor. In addition, students can access a range of courses online including the Maths Plus+ cognitive enhancement program, designed to strengthen functions to excel in mathematics and improve abilities related to problem-solving, logic, critical thinking and processing speed and is suitable for all levels aged nine years and up, as well as the full-time program, which can be incorporated into a child’s academic year and is aimed to improve a full range of cognitive abilities based on needs and is spread over one to four years.

The cognitive enhancement program, which is a part-time, daily brain workout, is designed to improve cognitive performance and is focused on the specialised Symbol Relations cognitive exercise that consists of four hours per week with flexible scheduling.

The six-week cognitive intensive program offers a fun and interactive environment at Thanypura, creating an engaging experience focusing on computer-based cognitive exercises. All programs can also be taken at Thanyapura Sports & Health Resort, Phuket where the syllabus includes sports, outdoor activities, meditation, art activities and games. 

The brain gym program is available for booking at the resort’s website here. Guests can sign up for the program and stay at Thanyapura Sports and Health Resort in Phuket Island to utilise its world-class facilities, award-winning vegan and vegetarian restaurant and lifestyle clinics. Coupled with health professionals, world-class facilities and state-of-the-art cognitive training tools, Thanyapura aims to help guests optimise their lives in order to achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.