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The Titans Arrived on TikTok - TikTok Collaborates with ‘Attack On Titan’ Anime, Introducing Innovative #AttackOnTitan Challenges

 TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile videos, recently announced the launch of a collaborative partnership alongside globally acclaimed Japanese animation series ‘Attack on Titan’ and it is among the more popular trends today.  As one of the most widely reviewed anime series of all time, ‘Attack on Titan’ tells the story of the protagonist, Eren Yeager who joins the elite Survey Corps to accomplish his goal of exacting revenge on the eponymous Titans, giant humanoid beings that have driven humanity to the edge of extinction in a post-apocalyptic setting.

In commemoration of the release of the final volume of the ‘Attack on Titan’ manga, as well as the impending release of the ‘Attack on Titan: The Final Season’ anime next year, TikTok is amplifying the enjoyment for anime fans and social media users alike with a brand-new hashtag challenge. Whether it’s generating creative content or meaningful self-expression, the new #AttackOnTitan challenge will see TikTok users celebrate this much-loved manga series in a variety of ways.

Following the suspenseful cliffhanger end of the current season, Attack on Titan fans need not look far to quench their thirst for more content, as TikTok’s three new effects are ready to be explored. 

Titan Roulette 

Ever wanted to know what kind of a titan would you be? With this new roulette effect featuring the 9 key titans in the anime, you now can see yourself as one of these unforgettable characters!

Colossal Titan Green Screen

Drawing inspiration on the iconic opening scene in the very first episode, you can now be the Colossal Titan taking down Wall Maria in the Shiganshina District yourself, through this new green screen effect. 

Character Mimicry

We all have our favourite ‘Attack from Titan’ characters so now, you can mimic some iconic expressions yourself and be the characters you love!

To join this challenge, just follow the official ‘Attack On Titan’ TikTok and try any of the brand new effects launched. Make sure to tag your videos under #AttackOnTitan – and stand a chance to win some cool ‘Attack On Titan’ merchandise, including a limited edition Survey Corps cloak, Attack On Titan diary-type smartphone case, and official Attack On Titan tote bags. The challenge period is up till 31st May 2021, so explore to your heart’s content – Shinzou wo sasageyo!

Find out more about the Attack on Titan collaboration on TikTok, available for free on iOS and Android.