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vivo announces the launch of its feather lightweight Wireless Sport Lite earphones


With the official launch of the vivo V21 series yesterday, vivo has announced that it is unveiling its latest mobile accessory, which not only complements the selfie-enhanced V21 series but is optimized to work seamlessly with vivo’s smartphones.


The latest vivo Wireless Sport Lite earphones are built for users with a smart and creative lifestyle who enjoy mobile gaming, vlogging, listening to music, watching videos, as well as making voice calls and more, on the move. The earphones were engineered carefully, taking into consideration everything that affects sound quality so that users get all the details, from grand compositions to quiet whispers. What’s more, the earphone is supported by vivo’s renowned Golden Ears acoustics” team, enabling every genre of music to turn into pure gold and absolute bliss.


The light-as-a-feather vivo Wireless Sport Lite is equipped with an 11.2mm Moving Coil that provides a strong bass and stereo sound, along with ample noise reduction. The high polymer diaphragm of the Wireless Sport Lite earphones provides outstanding resilience that balances different frequencies and make for a more powerful bass.


Additionally, the device gives low frequencies more depth and punch, resulting in pure and bright audio to touch each user’s heartstrings. With Daikoku aluminum-coated bronze coil, users know that they are enjoying premium quality every time they plug the earphones into their ears. This is due to the powerfully-light structure of the coil that reproduces more crisp high frequencies.


The double-layered sound chamber of the earphones, with front and back vents enables great rhythms and melodies to not only be heard but felt too. In fact, the device is designed to reproduce the intricacies of every note in vocals and from musical instruments.


The ergonomic design of the earphones contours around the users’ neck and ears and at just about 23.9 grams in weight, users will barely remember that they’re there. Users can choose from three sizes of soft ear tips to find their perfect fit and allow the ear braces to cradle their ears while providing further support. Additionally, the flexible memory metal wire within the neckband bounces back to shape even after being coiled up.


The latest vivo Wireless Sport Lite offers the ultimate audio and gaming experience. The earphone-to-smartphone full loop latency has been brought to as low as 80ms so users can keep up with all the intense gaming action. Active noise cancellation also ensures that users can hear their fellow gamers or the person at the other end of the line clearly, almost as if they were chatting face-to-face. They also allow for clear voice or video calls anytime, anywhere. In the same vein, users can keep the music going all day long, whether on their commute, in the office, or when they hit the gym.


On a full charge, the earbuds support 18 hours of play time and five hours of listening time after just ten minutes of fast-charging[1]. Together with their light design and IPX4 waterproof rating, users can use them for everyday scenarios, from exercising to vlogging and more. 


Priced at RM159, the latest Wireless Sport Lite earphones come in two shades of Blue and Black. The Blue edition stands for freedom and energy, while the Black edition is all about the classic style. Each colour is designed to match the users’ taste in music and in life.


Kindly visit vivo Malaysia’s official Facebook page, official Instagram page and official Website for more information about the latest vivo Wireless Sports Lite and the recently-launched vivo V21 series.

[1] Based on vivo’s laboratory tests at room temperature