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Diving into the Fold: The Story Behind the Galaxy Z Fold2’s Revolutionary Design

 If you asked someone to draw a smartphone a few years ago, chances are they would have sketched out a rectangular screen with a camera module on the back. Then along came the Galaxy Fold. With its foldable display and flexible user experience, the device completely redefined how we think about smartphone design.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 marks the next step in Samsung’s innovation journey, refining and further developing the design language and philosophy pioneered by the Galaxy Fold. While some improvements are instantly noticeable, others may not be obvious at first glance. But as the Samsung experts explain in this article, every upgrade perfectly balances aesthetic and practical concerns and they all come together to deliver a premium foldable experience that’s unlike any other.

Expanding the Canvas

Creating a form factor that can include both a standard smartphone experience alongside an immersive display without any compromise is arguably one of the biggest challenges in designing foldables. It’s a delicate balancing act that needs to take into account not just technological feasibility but also everyday practicality and overall usability.

Solving this design challenge was a two-part process for engineers at Samsung. Following user feedback on the Galaxy Fold, the engineers developed a solution to deliver a complete, one-handed smartphone experience on the Cover Screen.


“To enhance customers’ experience when using the device while folded, Samsung increased the size of the Cover Screen while keeping the size of the device the same,” explained JunYong Song of Samsung Electronics Next Generation Product Design Group. “Samsung’s product development and design teams have worked closely to guarantee both portability and usability.”

The resulting 6.2-inch Infinity-O Cover Screen on the Galaxy Z Fold2 not only helped engineers create an improved one-handed smartphone experience, but the enlarged screen real estate also gave them new opportunities to enhance the entire foldable experience.

Improving the Cover Screen was only half of the challenge. As Song explained, expanding the Main Screen and making the display even more immersive was just as important.

“To maximize the size of the usable area on the Main Screen, we removed the notches and reduced the bezels by 27 percent for the Galaxy Z Fold2 compared to the Fold,” he said. “The exterior design was rendered to be more square-shaped to better suit the form factor and user environment.”

Featuring a notch-less Front Camera, the 7.6-inch Infinity Flex Display brings the viewing experience on the Main Screen to the next level and makes multitasking effortless on the Galaxy Z Fold2. Whether it’s browsing content on social feeds or playing the latest mobile game, every action on the device is made even smoother with the display’s 120Hz adaptive refresh rate.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

The premium user experience of the Galaxy Z Fold2 extends beyond its hardware and software. From the color and sheen of the coating right down to the device’s contours, designers at Samsung poured hours into making sure every surface looks luxurious and feels sleek.

“We made a conscious effort to create a premium feel through a simple design which highlights a solid shape and metallic finish,” said Song. “We also tried to express the solid feel of the device through straight lines but used curves around the edges so that the device fits perfectly in one hand.”

The Galaxy Z Fold2 comes in Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black. Both color options were finetuned to perfectly complement the meticulous construction of the device.

 “We chose Mystic Bronze to offer conscious consumers a unique yet understated option that does not emphasize exterior extravagance,” explained HyeJeong Lee of Samsung Electronics CMF Group. “We used an advanced surface treatment called the haze finish to visualize the authentic beauty of copper. It is our new premium color that gives a refined feeling with a satin matte finish.”

In addition to the two color choices, Samsung also offers users the option to customize the hinge with a unique range of accent colors and truly personalize the Galaxy Z Fold2.

A Unique Unboxing Experience


When creating the packaging for the Galaxy Z Fold2, designers at Samsung wanted to deliver an unboxing experience that evokes excitement right from the get-go. To bring this vision to life, they incorporated various elements of the foldable form factor into the packaging and included graphics that echo the design of the device.

“Those who saw the Galaxy Z Flip packaging will be familiar with the “Z” shaped logo on the cover and the graphics peeking through the cut on the sleeve. We wanted to convey the common theme of the new “Galaxy Z” category for a little extra fun factor,” said Yoonkyung Cho of Samsung Electronics Design Strategy Group.

Packed with Samsung’s most advanced foldable innovations, the Galaxy Z Fold2 is a technological statement that sets the tone for the future of mobile design.

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