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Flip-Out Fabulous - Pioneering Innovation In A Striking Style

 Restriction leads to creativity and this is certainly true observing the numerous creative content out there even while we keep ourselves safely indoors. It is to no surprise that the Galaxy Z Flip was created for those who see technology as a way to express themselves. And if stepping into expressive is a way to feeling optimistic during these trying times, then why not? We certainly have an excuse to indulge after all that we are experiencing (not that we ever needed an excuse). So go ahead and tap into the energetic pleasures of whatever makes you feel good and lose yourself to them.


From Flex mode to its Quick Selfie feature – the Galaxy Z Flip transforms your mobile phone experience in so many ways, unlike any other smartphone. The folding mechanism allows you to capture meaningful moments quickly and efficiently, from multiple angles, hands-free. It is particularly handy whether you need to take fashion frenzy selfies, stream your favorite movies and videos, or create creatively fun Reels to share with your friends or followers. Designed specifically for its distinctive form factor, the intuitive Flex mode makes all these tasks effortlessly unified by turning the top half of your phone into a viewing area while putting the controls on the bottom half for ease of use. Plus, capturing those spur-of-the-moment shots that you want to quickly share with your family or friends has never been this easy – simply use the Quick Selfie feature that lets you snap a picture without even unfolding your device. It sounds like you have your content sorted for your social media feeds from the best angle shots to video recording with a 16:9 ratio that’s perfect for uploads, hands-free – no tripod needed!


There’s more to this than meets the eye – not only does the Galaxy Z Flip offer you brand-new ways to interact with your smartphone, its striking design establishes the Galaxy Z Flip as a must-have stylish accessory. Measuring just 73.6mm across, the Galaxy Z Flip is small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand – complementing your every style effortlessly! Its exclusive compact and portable design is sure to set you apart from the rest, boosting your self-esteem by making you the ultimate fashion icon, with no detail overlooked. When the Galaxy Z Flip is closed, the cover display presents you with information such as the date, time, their device’s battery status and more, and when you’re taking a selfie, it allows you to see how you look. When the device is opened, Samsung’s intuitive One UI makes it easy to manage the Galaxy Z Flip’s spacious, 6.7-inch Infinity Flex Display with one hand comfortably.


So own the Galaxy Z Flip today at the recommended retail price of RM3,999 in luxurious Mirror Black that comes equipped with 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage, so you’ll never have to worry about slow performances or running out of space – just what everyone needs to keep up with all the creative juices flowing!


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