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The Era of 5G: Why vivo V21 5G is one of the best 5G smartphones to look out for this year

 vivo will soon change the name of the 5G game with its upcoming launch of the V21 5G, an advanced new 5G smartphone designed to address the myriad of demands from young 5G consumers. With higher-end hardware configuration, lower energy consumption and a more sophisticated appearance, the vivo V21 5G is set to become one of the most sought-after and spend-worthy 5G smartphones of 2021.

With the announcement of the MyDigital blueprint outlined by the government earlier this year and investments made towards realizing 5G implementation in Malaysia over the course of the next 10 years, vivo has accelerated efforts and managed to stay ahead of the curve with 5G-enabled devices such as its highly-anticipated vivo V21 5G. 

As 5G networks become the standard, demands for advanced, quality 5G smartphones will only increase, making the 5G smartphones that guarantee network stability, leading technology and smart experiences the clear leaders in a competitive market landscape. 

How does vivo’s V21 5G address the demands of 5G smartphone users?

1. Dual-mode SA/NSA 5G for faster internet speeds1

Compared to single-mode 5G smartphones, the vivo V21 5G with Dual-Mode 5G will be able to support both SA and NSA networks, enabling the smartphone to be operated optimally whether on an SA or NSA network. Furthermore, vivo’s innovative use of TG antenna technology offers an even smoother 5G internet connection.

What do these numbers mean to consumers? Smartphone users can download a movie in a short time, watch a variety of 4K Ultra-HD matches live and play PC mobile games without interruption.

2. V21 5G’s Integrated 5G Chip leads to more stable performance

vivo’s V21 5G Dual-Mode phones will come equipped with integrated 5G chips, a leading technology that consumes less energy than other plug-in chips used in the existing Single-Mode 5G smartphones. This advancement also enables enhanced network stability and more powerful, reliable performance. 

3. More cost-effective with slim, lightweight body 

Once the V21 5G becomes available in Malaysia, it will be regarded as one of the slimmest, lightest vivo 5G smartphones on sale. Although the 5G module is heavier than its 4G predecessor, the 5G technology allows for an overall sleek, slim smartphone body. Beyond enjoying the strong, reliable 5G network, the user will enjoy the phone’s pleasant, lightweight structure, designed for optimum daily use.

The vivo V21 5G not only offers leading 5G technology and sophisticated style, but also remarkable front view super night vision capability — a leading feature in the industry. With the front and rear OIS+EIS anti-shake video editing function and the Jovi Home  AI function, V21 5G will become one of the most cost-effective and cost-worthy smartphones in the era of 5G. 

Be part of the launch event this 27th May 2021 at 9pm (local time) and witness the grand reveal of the latest 5G-enabled smartphone device by vivo, which will be streamed live on vivo’s Facebook and YouTube.

For more information on the new vivo V21 series as well as the upcoming V21 5G, visit vivo’s official Website or check out vivo Malaysia’s Facebook and Instagram.