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TVBAnywhere+ App Launches Full Service in Malaysia

TVB Anywhere Limited, owned by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) - Hong Kong’s leading TV broadcaster, runs TVBAnywhere+, which is its official video-streaming application for overseas audiences. TVB’s latest and live programs that are compatible with different devices are now truly available anytime, anywhere on TVBAnywhere+ in Malaysia.  

Whether you are a fan of drama or entertainment shows, with the launch of its full service, there is no better place than TVBAnywhere+ to watch the prime TVB programs anywhere in Malaysia because it offers the same functions and extensive content as it does the rest of the world.   

TVBAnywhere+ will be providing the audience a wide range of premier drama and top-notch entertainment. At an attractive price of RM 39.90/month for 2 concurrent devices, this Premium Service offers access to both Live Channel Zone and Video-On-Demand Zone. Customers can enjoy ‘simulcast’ TVB content and get access to the extensive TVB content library on an ‘on-demand’ basis, plus top five TVB home-based live channels, rolling 24/7 through TV screens or mobile devices.

With the launch of the full App features and functions of TVBAnywhere+, customers can enjoy TVB content that is accessible globally*, enabling a truly ‘on-the-go’ experience. More value-added features and services include “download-to-watch offline”, multi-languages subtitles and audio-options of viewers’ own choices. With dedicated smart TVs and mobile devices, customers can also enjoy two concurrent screens, big and small screen viewings at the same time.

The full service launch in Malaysia goes hand in hand with the global release of highly-anticipated exclusive programs that are only available on TVBAnywhere+: such as AI Romantic (智能愛(AI)人) by Ali Li acting as an AI robot in a 30-episode futuristic drama series;  Deception Theatre (欺诈集团), a new format of episodic drama targeting online audiences.  For those who are fascinated about all-time favourite TV series, there is also a much-anticipated classic: Once Upon an Ordinary Girl (Deluxe Edition) (侬本多情 - 精华版), featuring the most loved Asian icon - Leslie Cheung. Other than the exclusive drama series on TVBAnywhere+, a list of exclusive variety programs is also readily available to the Malaysia viewers at the launch: star-studded programs include Doggie Training Camp(狗狗诊疗所) hosted by Ali Li, Testing Menu by Edwin Siu, Tiger’s Talk by Christine Ng and Bob Lam, Coffee, You and Me by Steven Ma, and more.

In addition, the most recent huge hit variety show series of TVB Jade will be available in April 2021, featuring a wide range of inspiring genre from music, talk shows to reality shows such as Mama’s Day (日日妈妈声), Music War Hall(演门听),  Big Big Old World(寻人记), Bong Bong, Amigo!(诸朋好友), Dub-Of-War(好声好戏), Stars Academy(声梦奇传), Have A Big Laugh!(开心大综艺), Jade Solid Gold (劲歌金曲) and more. This fantastic line-up brings top-notch entertainment value and ultimate joyful experience to viewers in Malaysia. 

Don’t forget to catch the simulcast TVB Jade primetime drama on TVBAnywhere+ and enjoy all first-run drama binge-watching on the VOD zone. 

TVBAnywhere+ is also set to feature unlimited views of over 40,000+ hours of TVB shows for viewers, offering an all-round viewing experience for online audiences, from classics to recent releases for free.


TVBAnywhere+ is available for download on Play Store and App Store. Catch up now and sign up through TVBAnywhere+ in-app, the new Premium Service option to enjoy the one-month free trial for the latest top-notch entertainment shows right away! What’s more, in-app subscription comes without any commitment. 

For more information and updates, you may log on to TVB Anywhere’s website at or follow TVB Anywhere’s Facebook page at

* Global access function is currently not available in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Exclusive service plan is dedicated for Macau customers.