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vivo partners Malaysian TV personality Gan Jiang Han to share on the vivo x ZEISS partnership

 vivo recently unveiled its latest video slot with Malaysian TV personality Gan Jiang Han, who shared insights about vivo’s strategic collaboration with ZEISS and the company’s continued plans to create a range of devices that meet, and ultimately exceed, the market’s demand for impressive cameras embedded into smartphones.

In the 2-minute clip, Gan divulged about the importance of a high definition camera in this present age, to deliver photos that are not only breath-taking but meaningful, referencing how ZEISS lenses were used when mankind took its first step on the moon, and was even used to shoot Lord of the Rings, an icon in the history of film.

The video marks the second time that Gan has partnered with vivo in a video collaboration, with the first being a short clip shot on the vivo X50 Series. Through its latest video with Gan, vivo hopes to inspire Malaysians to take the next step and confidently enter into a new world of redefining photography. 

The vivo X60 series which was recently launched on 22 March 2021, is the first of the flagship series to integrate the ZEISS Co-Engineered Imaging System, which brings with it the ZEISS Imaging quality and makes the X60’s photography function more powerful, while adding the signature ZEISS look to images.  

Mike Xu, vivo’s Chief Executive Officer said, “vivo’s ethos has always been about delivering the joy of humanity with professional images and it is especially vital during these times to enable users to capture memories and moments in outstanding clarity. ZEISS is the leading industry expert in optics and opto-electronics and vivo has partnered them to develop a vivo ZEISS co-engineered imaging system which sports the ZEISS-branded quad-camera setup that delivers moving images and allows one to capture joy even in the most trying of times.”

Featuring a 48MP main camera, a 13MP Professional Portrait Lens, and 13MP Super Wide-Angle Lens,  the X60’s camera setup is revolutionary and allows users to bid goodbye to blurry photos once and for all.   

Among one of the hallmarks of the vivo X60 Series is its ZEISS Biotar Portrait Style which is the first of its kind for vivo smartphones and includes the legendary central resolution and the only rotational bokeh of Biotar. Aspiring photographers will enjoy the progressive bokeh simulation enabled by the Biotar Portrait lens which gives images character through its signature flair effect. 

The vivo X60 Series enables budding artistes the chance to unleash their creativity with minimal effort and no guidance necessary whatsoever. Through the Pro Portrait Lens, users can see through the “eyes” of the vivo X60, which now has the equivalent focal length of 50mm and sees the way a human eye does! This signature quality allows users the opportunity to create joyful, lasting moments that does not compromise on precision. 

For videographers, the Gimbal Stabilization 2.0 feature is a complete game-changer. As showcased through “The Incident”, a short film shot entirely on the vivo X60 Pro, the device is perfectly capable of capturing movement and steadying it through the innovation behind the second-gen micro-head stabilizer. It combines an enhanced OIS with EIS to realise the rotation between the X/Y-axis as well as Z-axis rotation for all-round stability. 

“The Incident” was brought to life with these key features alongside the Extreme Night Vision 2.0 feature which allowed for the filming of the short film’s key scenes at night and in low-light conditions. Thanks to its AI high-precision noise reduction algorithm, the overall brightness of shots were enhanced with better details in the shadows, while keeping grain and noise to the minimum. 

While vivo and ZEISS were established on separate parts of the hemisphere, the shared work ethics from both regions makes the vivo-ZEISS partnership an ideal one in terms of vision and culture. Both brands possess the ultimate desire to continue developing breakthrough devices in mobile imaging technology, even in the years to come. 

“We seek to provide our customers with technological solutions that are revolutionary through deep customer insights. Through this strategic partnership with ZEISS, the industry expert in mobile imaging, we hope to elevate our smartphones and take them to the next level by integrating impressive mobile imaging capabilities. Moving forward, we will continue to leverage on our respective fields of expertise to continue creating innovative solutions for our customers,” concluded Xu.

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