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BuzzFeed Creators Discover Awesome Ways to Express Themselves with the Samsung Galaxy A52

 From entertaining quizzes to hilarious articles, BuzzFeed is home to some of the most creative content on the internet. So, it’s no surprise that when three of their creators got their hands on the latest Samsung Galaxy A52, things got rather interesting.

Built to inspire creativity and help users connect with their passions, the Galaxy A52 gave the three BuzzFeed creators awesome ways to express themselves. Check out the videos below to see what Maya, Alix, and Aria created with the Galaxy A52.


Maya Murillo loves to dance. It brings her joy and makes her feel like a movie star, even though she thinks some of her moves are a bit quirky.


With the Galaxy A52, Maya can capture her dances in 4K video. Thanks to 4K Video Snap and Quick Share, the amateur dancer can quickly share these moments with her friends and family. For Maya, dancing is a key part of her identity.


Alix Traeger enjoys baking but things can get quite messy in the kitchen, especially when she attempts a challenging recipe. Fortunately, Alix doesn’t have to worry about her mess damaging the Galaxy A52, as the device is water and dust resistant.


For Alix, baking is only half the fun. She finds that sharing her creations in the kitchen with others is just as satisfying. With Scene Optimizer on the Galaxy A52, Alix can easily capture instantly shareable photos of her cakes, giving her more time to think about her next recipe.


Aria and Merle are the most famous couple on the BuzzFeed team. They have documented their relationship in several videos for the website and have also produced numerous videos as a couple.


So, when Aria received a Galaxy A52, he instantly wanted to create videos for Merle to make her laugh. With a long-lasting battery as well as a 64MP quad camera with OIS, the device gave Aria the freedom to shoot in interesting locations and bring his hilarious ideas to life.