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Don’t Be All Work and No Play


Since home became the office, the hardest thing for many is putting aside time and space to recuperate. Prolonged stress is never good for mental or physical health, so why not treat yourselves to better and affordable entertainment in the form of a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7.

Watch your favourite K-dramas or comedies with the bigger 10.4” display , and with the new balanced design, it is easier than ever to immerse yourself into the world of cinema. To add to the experience, the Galaxy Tab A7 comes with quad speakers and Dolby Atmos surround sound, it will be like having a personal cinema within your own home.

What’s more, the Dolby Atmos surround sound system also translates amazingly through your Bluetooth speakers or earbuds. So whether you want to enjoy your movies as dynamic as possible, or without disturbing others, the Galaxy Tab A7 gives you the freedom to choose.

If movies are not your kryptonite, then what about games? The Galaxy Tab A7 comes with an improved AP chipset and increased RAM, which means you can choose from a vast array of games to escape from the stress of your week. The bigger 7,040mAh battery  that comes with a fast-charging option  allows for longer usage and a seamless gaming experience. For all the gamers out there, no more worries of running out of power in the middle of an amazing combo.

If you would rather take the time to keep in touch with family or friends instead, Galaxy Tab A7 has got you covered as well. The new location of the front camera will give you a better experience with video calls, and the Tab’s thinner borders equal wider display, which means more of their beloved faces on screen. Also, you can now share content easily regardless of distance with Group Content Share, so no need to wait to show any funny pictures or reminisce about embarrassing photos.

For those that cannot leave work aside 100%, no need to worry about missing any important calls or emails while having fun. The Galaxy Tab A7 allows for multi-device connection . With just a click, you can answer any calls or reply to messages even when your smartphone is not next to you, giving you all the power of control in one device.

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