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Be the Next Epic Star #withGalaxy S21 Series 5G

Whether you’re watching a vlog with 1 million views or a music performance cover with 500 views, you would probably have noticed by now that literally, anybody can be a star on social media — including you! Do you have what it takes to be a social media influencer like Daiyan Trisha dan Joshua Se? All you need is a bucket load of authenticity, a sprinkle of personality, and the powerhouse Galaxy S21 Series 5G equipped with an epic camera system to become the next big thing!

Get TikTok Famous Effortlessly


When TikTok took the world by storm, creators everywhere have realized that they don’t necessarily need fancy cameras and equipment to create quality content and build authentic connections with their viewers. So, leave your hesitations behind, dance, speak and be your authentic self with the Galaxy S21 Series 5G camera that has all you need to bring out the star in you. With the Portrait Video feature, you can jazz up your otherwise plain videos with filters and effects! Whether you want to blur the background around you or add a colorful static effect in the background of your video as you film, the Galaxy S21 Series 5G can help you do just that with a quick tap! The intensity of these effects is also adjustable, so feel free to change them up to get different looks that will best suit what you’re trying to achieve. With a dash of creativity and these extra features, your videos are sure to WOW the world! Who knows, you might even capture the next viral video?

Anything for the ‘Gram - Be Outstanding on Instagram


Believe it or not, taking pictures of food, scenery and #OOTDs to fit your well-curated and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed can be tricky. It is, after all, your digital lifestyle canvas. Unnatural poses, bad angle, uncooperative subjects, and awkward smiles can be frustrating when captured, but not all hope is lost! Using the Single Take feature, take neutral candid shots by simply tapping the shutter and capturing up to 15 seconds of footage to get various styles, angles, and formats that will be generated automatically by your Galaxy S21 Series 5G. With this function, you can save yourself from the awkward “I don’t know what I’m doing” pose and even have tons of candid photo and video options to choose from for your Instagram feed! If you can’t pick one from the many options, you can still save the extras for a #throwbackthursday in the future!

Boost YouTube Subscribers Efficiently

Ever dream of starting your channel on YouTube? Do you have the cutest pets or hidden musical talents that you would like to showcase to the world? Regardless of how you choose to share the epic moments around you, best believe that the Galaxy S21 Series 5G pro-grade camera is built for big, epic ideas. The Director’s View feature is Daiyan Trisha’s favorite as she can choose her video angles and control her recording like a professional videographer just through her smartphone. You can do it too, by tapping on the thumbnails to switch between camera lenses and choose between the three recording angles—Ultra Wide, Wide and, Tele to find the one that best suits the scene! Record your funny moments with the Dual Recording feature to capture real-time reactions, candid jokes, and meme moments of both you and the people around you! The Galaxy S21 Series 5G is the best device for you if you’re looking into high-quality recording, easy editing, and quick uploading.


If you have what it takes to be an influencer, all you need is the Galaxy S21 Series 5G and its pro-grade camera that’s loaded with epic features to help you execute your creative vision and bring stories to life. On any platform, be it YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, anybody can hop on, create content, and rise to fame! It is your time to kickstart your internet fame, so start capturing amazing videos to share with the world and shine like the star you truly are!


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