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Have the Upper Hand with Samsung Advantage

 If there is one thing that all buyers want to achieve is the feeling of reassurance that they have made the best purchase decision that will benefit them in the long-run. However, achieving this requires hours of research and sometimes, taking a leap of faith! The good news is Samsung has your back with Samsung Advantage: the value, advantages and support that you get when you bring home a Galaxy Smartphone device compared to other brands.


All-Time Support

With all that’s happened over the last year with the pandemic, you’ve probably realized the importance of saving for rainy days. Say goodbye to extra expenditure on device maintenance. Samsung Advantage offers you remote tech support and customer support anytime, anywhere—all for free!  If your Galaxy device needs immediate care, you can arrange for complimentary pickup and delivery repair services, which will save you both time and money[1].


All-Time Perks

The benefits only get better with Samsung Galaxy devices! Now, you can trade in your smartphone when purchasing a Samsung Galaxy device to receive instant rebates and savings thanks to Samsung Advantage[2]. Moreover, with the Free Trial program, you can enjoy free trials on selected Galaxy devices at no cost, so you can find out which one is the right Galaxy for you! Once you have decided, you can make your purchase using the Easy Payment Plan with 0% interest installment for added financial flexibility! Oh and did we mention the more you use Samsung Pay, the more you’re rewarded? Let Eric of @ericlofstedt show how your small purchases can add up to big rewards and further savings:


All-Time Online Shopping

Save more to spend more! Thanks to Samsung Advantage, you can get yourself a smartphone upgrade via our Samsung e-Store in the future! Forgot a loved one’s special day? Samsung is here to help you have a smooth online shopping experience with our e-promoters who are ever ready to assist and will advise you on the best purchase for your lifestyle needs. 


All-Time Convenience

Your old device contains priceless photos, data and content. Now imagine saying goodbye to these memories. Unlike most smartphones, you won’t face this dilemma with your new Samsung smartphone. With Smart Switch you can instantly and easily transfer data from your old device, whether IOS of Android to your new Galaxy in three steps[3]. Why not let Imran Aqil of @ijeebster show you how easy this is:


All-Time Protection

Last but not the least, you can also enjoy peace of mind protection with Samsung Care+, a service that offers repairs for Galaxy smartphones or tablet which covers accidental damages, liquid damages and cracked screens.


What are you waiting for? Join the Samsung Galaxy squad and enjoy a plethora of support, offers, and perks. The best part is that you don’t have to spend so much to own a Galaxy device with extra benefits because with Samsung Advantage, you can save even more to spend more on what truly matters!