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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2: A Legacy Renewed

 The arrival of Samsung’s foldable design redefined a new chapter in mobile phone history – ushering an era where the gap between a full-fledged viewing experience and portability is met. Now with the Galaxy Z Fold2, Samsung is going even further with foldable technology to change the shape of the future, and here’s exactly how:

A Bigger, Better, Screen

Bigger is always better in the world of screens. If not for text legibility, then for seamless display and better comfort viewing. That’s why the Galaxy Z Fold2’s screen size was upscaled to a larger 6.2-inch Cover Screen along with a whopping 7.6-inch Main Screen. While upgrading to larger screens would typically mean getting a bulkier body, the incorporation of Samsung’s Infinity-O Display in the Galaxy Z Fold2’s design allowed for maximum screen coverage without losing the satisfying size and grip of the original Galaxy Fold, bringing you a true 2-in-1 experience for effortless productivity and deeper immersion!  


Optimizing the Foldable Experience

In addition, the Galaxy Z Fold2 was also re-engineered for a more refined look with Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) encapsulating the Main Screen, which makes seeing and touching the device feel more natural. UTG is thinner than a single strand of hair, yet the makers of the Galaxy Z Fold2 managed to maximise its qualities through rearranging the soft and rigid layers of glass making up the display, striking a true balance between flexibility and durability.

Finding The Right Angle for You

The overall design of the Galaxy Z Fold2 is a personalised experience. This aspect is ultimately anchored by its signature Hideaway Hinge, a mechanism meticulously crafted to lie hidden under the display while providing a firm hold over all other components of the device. Taking the 2-in-1 experience even further, Samsung’s CAM mechanism that sits in the hinge works with watch-like precision to ensure the device can free stand at different angles suited to your personal needs.


With expert craftsmanship at the front of its charge, the Galaxy Z Fold2 promises a wow-filled experience from the moment of unboxing to later sustaining the impression with its library of functions and accessible tools. Coupled with its groundbreaking design philosophy, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has boldly made itself a benchmark for the future of mobile design.


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