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Explore Unlimited Functions with the Galaxy Z Flip

 Change is inevitable, and there is no end to it. We continue to evolve and innovate as years pass by, and this applies to the devices we use every day, too. We need smartphones that will offer versatile mobile technology and functions to navigate the open road ahead. Today, smartphones have surpassed our wildest imaginations with what they can do, allowing us to seamlessly combine working, connecting, and creating with limitless capabilities encoded into one singular, compact device- such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.


Designed for Function

Innovation has long been a focus of Samsung and the Galaxy Z Flip embodies that through its meticulous design for absolute function, folded or flipped. When folded, the compact device uses its 1.1-inch Super AMOLED display for a variety of activities including checking notifications, controlling your music, and becoming a viewfinder for your photo previews. Flipping the device open, however, upgrades the experience to a larger 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display powered by HDR10+ video technology to ensure every frame you see maintains a crystal-clear presentation.


Do More for Less

At the core of the Galaxy Z Flip lies accessibility beyond measure, which bred a feature like the Multi-Active Window for fast multitaskers to fit more than one app on their screen. Whereas those who rely on the same apps constantly can use the App-Pair extension on Multi-Active Window to have both apps launch at the same time, every time! Whether you want to quickly pull up a to-do list while running errands or reply to a message while watching a video, the Galaxy Z Flip makes multitasking in daily life simpler.


Topping off its layers of function, the Galaxy Z Flip also supports Motion & Gesture capabilities alongside Samsung Bixby, for a seamless experience without the need for buttons or for simply asking Bixby to get things done for you via voice command.


Within a single package, the compact yet robust Samsung Galaxy Z Flip carries a library of tools to guarantee function like you’ve never experienced – placing everything we dreamed in the past about future mobile phones right into your palms.


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