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Reignite Your Motivations with the Galaxy Z Flip

 If you’re like the rest of us, you probably started 2021 feeling hopeful and optimistic of what the year would bring — maybe you even started the year with a list of New Year resolutions. As we move into the third quarter of the year, perhaps an evaluation of our New Year resolutions is in order since they often get buried under life’s mundane routines and our increasing busyness as the month progresses. So set a time to reflect and if you’re feeling sluggish or demotivated – then fret not, because we have tips to get you energized and running at full speed towards your goals again with the Galaxy Z Flip!

Tip 1: Switch Up and Shape Up

Mindless routines get boring over time, so why not rediscover yourself by opening up to new experiences or hobbies outside your comfort zone. Go on adventures without leaving your seat through ebooks that can fly you to distant lands or bring you on a journey to the center of the earth with the Galaxy Z Flip. Lose yourself in an ebook with vivid imaginations through the stunning 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen; which can be split into two 4-inch screens allowing you to display a smashing image on the top while you read from the bottom.

If you’re up for something more upbeat, there are tons of online dance classes to get you moving and grooving – from dance cardio to ballet intensive classes. Flex as hard as your Galaxy Z Flip during these fitness sessions and keep up with your instructor right from your mat thanks to the Galaxy Z Flip’s Hideaway Hinge which enables your device to stand on its own to conveniently film your session without the additional accessories! Let’s not rule out the wonders of Flex Mode that lets you to easily snap hands-free selfies while you’re on the mat.

To make it better, pair the Galaxy Z Flip with Galaxy Watches to improve your performance with the real-time running coach[1]. Not only does it keep track of your heart rate, but the smartwatch automatically detects your workout and track them for you! Unwinding and reinvigorating from time to time is crucial to keep us going, so maximize the extra pockets of time throughout your day with the Galaxy Z Flip.

Tip 2: Find Your Spark of Joy

Have you lost that little spark of joy in life? It’s said that dressing up can help to break the monotony of life at home, so grab your Sunday best and unleash your inner fashionista this stay-at-home season. Boost your mood with a mini photoshoot in full glam mode, all you need is the Galaxy Z Flip in hand! Whether you are experimenting with new makeup looks or finding the right top to wear, definitely do not miss out on a good #OOTD photo session!

With Flex mode that offers hands free experiences to ease what you love doing, have a little fun in the process of getting ready by recording a ‘Get Ready with Me’ video of your skincare or makeup regime. And with your effortless look, get creative by capturing selfies or videos from multiple angles and score high quality pictures or clips in 4K video quality without a tripod. During your photoshoot, make use of the Single Take feature to get a variety of shots in different styles and formats to help you find your best angles! A tiny spark goes a long way, so boost your mood, reignite the fire in you and keep going!

Whether your goals are big or small, they are achievable if you put your mind to it! So get motivated and maximize the months ahead as you strive towards reaching your goals for the remainder of 2021. Throughout this process, let the Galaxy Z Flip challenge you to be at your best everyday as it’s the fun, flexible and future forward companion you need.