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Sunway College students achieve 100% pass rate for A-Levels

 Perfect score is difficult task, but not for Sunway College A-Level students during the recent May/June 2021 Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) examination. 

With 739 students passing the examination, the cohort celebrated a 100% pass even amidst the tough pandemic season. Of the entire cohort, 61.3% of students achieved a minimum of 3As and above, which is the highest among the past years.

Sunway College has been preparing students for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level Qualification for over three decades. Over the years, Sunway College A-Level students have been consistently achieving a 100% pass rate in Cambridge Assessment International Education examinations, this year’s accomplishment is the 14th time since year 2010 that Sunway College students achieve 100% pass rate.

With excellent quality of Sunway College A-Level students, they often receive offers from world class universities around the world such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and more to further pursue their higher education. 

A pair of brilliant twins, Muhammad Shahmi bin Abdul Reezal and Muhammad Shafeeq bin Abdul Reezal both scored perfect 4 A*s in the examination and will be pursuing their Accounting and Finance degree in the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

“Our success stands on the sacrifices and hard work of not only from ourselves, but also the guiding hands of Sunway college lecturers. Even with the pandemic hampering face-to-face classes, the lecturers of Sunway College had excellently carried out their online classes and delivered the syllabus holistically. We are forever grateful for all that Sunway College has done to help us achieve our dreams, aspirations, and our 4 A*s,” said Shahmi.

“Teamwork does makes the dream work. I believe our outstanding results are possible because of strong team players which include our dedicated lecturers who are determined to ensure their students succeed, together with our students who reciprocate by doing their best to succeed” shared Ruth Cheah, Director of A-Level at Sunway College.

“Our students’ success is also attributed to Sunway College’s team of experienced and committed teachers who work to overcome challenges and always go the extra mile for their students,” said Dr Cheng Mien Wee, Director of Pre-University Studies at Sunway College, sharing the success of students with the dedication of the educators.

Sunway College A-Level is also named as the number one provider in the country by the Cambridge Assessment International Education office of Malaysia as a testament to the institution’s consistent quality and result.