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Achieving Mindfulness Everywhere You Go With Galaxy Buds2

 Practicing mindfulness or the art of inner peace in a crowded environment is sure more challenging than sitting alone in the comfort of your home, away from distractions. But, with the latest Galaxy Buds2, which is equipped with all Galaxy Buds lovers’ favourite features, you can achieve mindfulness everywhere you go now!

Whether you’re walking on the street, chilling at a café or by the pool, an effective yet unique way you can do to stay mindful in the public is to fully indulge in the music sounds coming from your earbuds. The Galaxy Buds2 comes with dynamic two-way speakers that delivers a rich and balanced sound. So, listening to lyric-free music on the Galaxy Buds2 will be an elevating experience that will draw you to the audio, soothe your inner self and ease you into full mindfulness concentration.

The Galaxy Buds2 is enhanced with Active Noise Cancellation, which is a great feature for escaping from distractions and finding Zen in a crowd. It is able to tune out 98%[1] of external noise, allowing you to fully immerse into your inner peace. If you prefer to be aware of your environment while focusing on your music at the same time, you can adjust the levels of the Ambient Sound volume control to pick how much of your surroundings you wish to hear, with the Galaxy Buds2.

Known as the lightest and smallest earbuds in the entire Galaxy Buds series, the Galaxy Buds2 is designed into an iconic curved shape to fit securely and comfortably on ear to wear all day long. It is so comfortable that you will forget that it is on your ear. Plus, now with its new ‘Earbud fit test’ in the Galaxy Wearable app, where you can find the best fit for your ears, you won’t have to worry about it falling out when you’re not paying attention to it.

The Galaxy Buds2 strike a fantastic mix of excellent sound quality, active noise cancellation, and comfortable fit. Together, they are perfect to help you discover peace and mental clarity everywhere you go.

So why hesitate? Make them your first wireless earbuds if you haven’t bought one yet and you’ll be pleasantly delighted! The Galaxy Buds2 is priced at the recommended retail price of RM499, and it is available in stunning colours – Lavender, Olive, Graphite and White. From 22 September to 31 October 2021, purchase the Galaxy Buds2 to enjoy a free Galaxy Buds Water Resistant Cover worth RM99![2]

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